World’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed eats by herself for first time in 25 years


New Delhi: Egyptian Eman Ahmed, who was once considered the world’s heaviest woman, has been able to orally eat her own food for the first time in 25 years, according to her doctors at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi.
“We started with few spoons every day now achieving 15 spoons and expected to be twice per day soon. The other good news is that Eman is taking currently and for the last two days, half of her meal by herself,” as per a joint statement carried by local media issued by CMO of Burjeel Hospital Dr Yassin Al Shaha and Dr Nehad Halawa.
Doctors said the 36-year-old Eman has also shown significant improvements in her psychological condition since she was shifted from from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi earlier this month.
“We can see her smiling, watching TV and communicating with visitors. Her speech and voice are clearing steadily and she is showing some movements in the lower limbs, which have not happened in the last two years since she had a stroke,” added Al Shahat.
Eman, who once weighed 500 kg plus, left India close to 300 kg lighter after undergoing a bariatric surgery led by Dr Muffazal Lakdawala at Saifee hospital in Mumbai.
Dr Lakdawala had said that at 176 kg, Eman left India the healthiest she has been in the last decade or so.
Eman is currently being treated by a team of more than 20 health care professionals at Abu Dhadi’s Burjeel Hospital. The team has drawn up a three-stage model for her treatment and recovery process.