Yoga has established global integration, says PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat


New Delhi: Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual and physical discipline, which uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to boost health.  Acknowledged for its proven effectiveness, Yoga is now being embraced as a lifestyle across the globe and promotes physical, emotional and mental well-being.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always promoted yogic practice and elaborating on this further, he spoke at length about Yoga and how people across the world have adapted to it in today’s Mann Ki Baat.

He said that Yoga has connected the entire world the same way it connects the body, heart, mind, and soul.
Touching upon its effectiveness, PM Modi also said that Yoga guarantees wellness and fitness and is essential for a stress-free life.

Experiencing Yoga is always a fruitful experience in our life and can motivate others’ life and lifestyle. Bringing the soul completely into us and extracting the perfect sources of our inner energy through Yoga Classes. A right master can always bring a best source of energy to us.

People writing into PM Modi suggested an ‘interesting’ way to observe the third Yoga Day – by encouraging three generations of a family to practice Yoga together – which he whole-heartedly acknowledged.
Yoga is integrating the world today. #MannKiBaat
— PMO India (@PMOIndia) May 28, 2017