AK296 Akshaya Bagyakuri 7 June 2017 Kerala Lottery Result

Akshaya AK296 Kerala Lottery Result 7 june 2017

Kerala State Lottery Result for Wednesday for the Serial Number AK296 worth 50 lakhs for the first Prize has been Declaring at Afternoon Today at 3 pm. Apart from yesterday STREE Shakthi Lottery result this sounds lower the prize money for the winning person during lottery draw from Chitra auditorium today at 3 pm. The Second Prize Holder for AK 296 Serial Number for Akshaya Lottery will hold a Huge amount apart from Karunya lottery and Stree Shakthi offers for. 2nd Prize will be the sum of amount 20 lakhs and 3rd prize holder will get an amount of 10 lakhs.

The People around the Kerala are very much tensed regarding the lottery result of AK 296 draw on Wednesday’s. As like Every Week, Draw Akshaya Lottery for this Week Holds a Parent Series of Kerala Lottery Number Includes: AM, AO, AP,AS, AT,AU,AW,AX,AY,AZ series for Today’s Draw at Trivandrum Chitra Auditorium.

However, for the consolation Prize winners from the above 9 series apart from a winning series will hold the amount of 1 lakhs for each representing the Quality of Akshaya Lottery. While Taking the Lottery from Akshaya and under Kerala Whatever may be the lotteries are, the person should be careful about the Bar Code as well as Proper Agency Seal has mentioned at the front and back side of your Lucky Lottery.

The Result for the AK296 will be reflected once the result has drawn at 3 pm. Stay Tuned, For More confusion regarding the AK296 feel free to drop your queries.