India vs West Indies (IND v WI 2nd ODI )2017 Predictions/Live Match Results

IND v WI 2nd ODI

India vs West Indies (IND v WI ) 2nd ODI: The Second Match Against India and West Indies will be Live on 13:30 GMT on 25th June 2017. As the First Match has been stopped due to Rain and sounds like previous Match found to be suspended. However, as there were 4 more ODI including this and either Team India or West Indies has to manage 3 matches for achieving the Match Trophy from England on the way back Home. Perhaps, Today’s match were taking place at Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain. Sounds like, previous match also done here for the same.

In fact, as per climatic condition, Rain can be a Villain again on the 2nd Match also. The Humidity sounds heavy for the Day and Both the Team are very much excited for the match to takes place. Meanwhile, there were no issues with the Rain on the Practice day ( Earlier Today).  India vs West Indies (IND v WI ) 2nd ODI 2017 Predictions and Live streaming Match Results will be Live Here and the Predictions are as follows for the Today’s Game IND v WI 2nd ODI.

IND v WI 2nd ODI Match Prediction:

The Main Contradiction found on this Ground is Rain as the Pitch sounds like a batting pitch. In fact, as the Team able to Win Toss first as per Time scheduled, can easily power up with best available score at any Instant. As the India Team has line up with Good 6 International Batsman Including Captain of Indian Team Whereas On the other hand, there sounds 7 attacking batsman’s against Team India on the West Indies Side sounds like the Toss Won.

After all, there were rumors spreading regarding the IND v PAK final Match a Fixing one as well as the absence of Indian Coach will surely miss the Game against West Indies in this Tour. In fact, what ever the rumors be, the Team India Never Changed any Members or Agreed with the same. However, Today’s match will be Interesting as Said by Indian Captain in earlier Private Press Meet From England.

IF the Team India Able to Score 7+ Run Rate or can be able to maintain the same Run Rate till 40 Overs, Sounds like 2nd ODI for them if the Rain come as Villain. On the Other Hand, same for the Team West Indies also. As the Pitch and Ground Length is small and not as in each Teams Home Ground sounds like pretty good to lesser the Run Out Scenario.

Match Live Streaming Updates: IND v WI 2nd ODI

West Indies



310/5 (43) 

India won by 105 runs