Kerala Lottery Result Today – Pournami RN 290 (4th June 2017)


Kerala Lottery Result Today (4th June 2017): Kerala State Lottery Results has been Declared Pournami Lottery Drawn Today (04/06/2017) for the series of RN 290 at East Fort Trivandrum(Kerala). As the Latest information Pointed that Previous Day Lottery Result For Karunya (KR 163) and Nirmal Lottery (NR 20) Didn’t Unveil the Winning Person till today. This Might Happens occasionally due to Missing of Lottery or not properly checking the Result Date.

For the Serial No: RN 290 Pournami Ticket taken from Authorized Kerala Lotteries Dealers holds a Winning Amount of 65 Lakhs and there were many People from Different Part of Kerala as well as Those Who Made the Habit of Taking Lottery Results Trusted for this Pournami Result and there were 8 Prizes along with Consolation Prizes will be awarded for those who win the Lottery drawn on 4th June 2017.

Check Here For Today Pournami Lottery Result (Series Noted above)

Below Table showing the Amount Details and Lottery Details and more in Detail cross check the Below Table for Getting clear about the Pournami Lottery RN 290.

Lottery Name
Pournami Lottery
Pournami Lottery Serial No
RN 290
Winning Prize
65 Lakhs
RN 290 2nd Prize
5 Lakhs
RN 290 3rd  Prize
RN 290 4th  Prize
RN 290 5th  Prize
RN 290 6th  Prize
RN 290 7th  Prize
RN 290 8th Prize
Consolation Prize

The Winning Person will not gets the Entire amount sum of 65 lakhs in his hand.Due to the Reason that Kerala Govenrment Will take away the Tax along with Comssion of the Agent or Agency who sold  the Pournami Lottery Result Drawn Today (RN 290) with a certain Percentage of Commsion. However, apart from 1st Prize, there in no deduction in amount as Tax or so and so to the agent or government, the party will get the Whole amount if the Lottery were Genuine.

If any one of the Person who were taken Pournami Lottery (RN 290) fails to submit Before 3 months, he/she will not Gets any of the Amount awarded. If yu find that Pournami Lottery (RN 290) won the winning amount or huge amount, As soon as possible try to note down the Details behind the Winning Lotttery and if happens to find the Missing of Lottery, you will be awarded the winning amount, if any one submit before the agency.

Win Win Lottery Result will be Drawn Tomorrow by 3PM with a Winning Prize of 65lakhs. Stay Tuned for the Future Updates.