How Plastic Rice Issue Can be Solved in a Simple Test

    Plastic Rice

    Plastic Rice getting a threat to all over the world and it getting a great hazard to Health for all the Mankind as well as the Living beings. How can identify a rice at a glance it’s Fake or Real? This Issue regarding the same spreading all around the world day by day. Nowadays social media’s are posting various funny videos over the Internet regarding this issues. On the Other hand, it’s sounds supporting to the users who trust on Rice for Food for their daily living.

    In fact, most of them were unable to Identify the Plastic Rice and Genuine Rice. Now, most of the Food Products got advertised and made available at the market for getting more public supports and making their sales in an easier manner.

    What if the People will do, Once if the Product comes under the same category fake name to market in the form of Plastic Rice? Nothing Can’t be done. It looks alike the same as Real Rice, once it gets boiled.

    What is a Plastic Rice? How is it Prepared? 

    Take a look at the Below Video for clear Idea about the Preparation. It’s hard to believe that the Chinese were making this plastic rice in a simple process.

    Causes of Plastic Rice:

    Plastic Rice, on the Other Hand, Sounds like Cancer were spreading while we use as a habit of eating and this continuous approach will lead to More dangerous diseases along with the Cancer.

    Once if you are affected by Cancer by the action of Virus taken place via plastic rice. The disease of this virus is unpredictable regarding which organ of our body will effect. Sometimes, it will effect via Tonsils and Some directly via Blood Cell or some effects our moving parts gets paralyzed.

    The Government all around the world made a strict action of spreading this Plastic Rice and thorough inspections are getting done at all the markets. Once if with his knowledge doing this hazard any the person will be prisoned without any notice.

    Here is the Test that should be done before you deals with a plastic Rice

    1. Just Boil the Rice
    2. Once it get boiled Successfully
    3. Make it into Balls nicely and throw at the wall.
    4. Once it bounces, conclude it as Plastic Rice and it doesn’t, confirm it as Real one.
    5. That’s it.