Russia v Portugal FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 – Match Predictions/Results

Russia v Portugal FiFa Confederation Cup 2017

Russia v Portugal FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 Match Predictions: The Group A Team Russia and Portugal face off tomorrows live at IST 20.30PM from Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow. As the match sounds like Russia has got 3 Points and Portugal with Null Points* (Currently). However, Team Russia and Mexico Advance to knockout stage with the official point level report. In group A match Each Team has to face 3 other Team and maintain points level to reach the Knockout stage match.If Russia Wins against Portugal at Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow, then Russians will be at Knockout stage without any doubt and Portugal has to leave from FIFA Federation cup, whatever the Team wins on Next match or so.

21 June 2017
Russia  Match 5  Portugal
Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (Italy)

For tomorrows Match, Gianluca Rocchi from Italy will take charge as Referee for Russia v Portugal Match and he has started his debut on 2008’s. Sounds like he has got vast experience in finding the false play easily whomever do at any soccer play.

Portugal Strength:

Quaresma Goal 34′ and Cédric Goal 86′ are back in track and RONALDO as Captain and RUI PATRÍCIO as current goal keeper started their practice match along with the entire team at Otkrytiye Arena. The World class Player RONALDO in earlier private meet with reporters, and with his speech came to know that his Team were really excited to track Russians at Moscow and sounds like very much fired his heart for Knock out stage.

Russian Strength:

Boxall Goal 31′ and Smolov Goal 69′ played well against New Zealand at Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg and that made a key to kick off match. However, In order to get a relief for 3rd Match Russian Captain A. GUARDADO stated that, this match is crucial to them also and very much excited on the same. Even more,G. OCHOA (GK) are out there for Big Fight against Portugal non 21st June and the Team has to win this Home ground match, and they don’t wanna leave Russia.

The Big Crowd are waiting for the Russia v Portugal FIFA Confederation Cup 2017. Let us chit chat here how the fans welcoming the Match on Wednesday Night at Otkrytiye Arena.

Match Result:

0         Russia

1       Portugal