The Blue Whale Game – Real Suicide Game

    The Blue Whale Game

    Have you Ever touched with The Blue Whale Game? The Most trending and dangerous part of this Russian Game found to be a real Threat to all Teenagers around the world. There was a Rumour spread about the game for their promotion for getting more android and ios users attention.However, it’s found to be just a rumor only. None of them found this game on Play Store as well on App Store. It’s generally a PC game only. However, this Kind of Games will never be promoted by Google and Apple and never place it on their store.

    Promotion Outlined as;

    Once if you Download the Blue Whale Game from Play store or via App store you will surely get absorbed to the Game and on the basis of this scenario, Blue Whale Challenge Begins“.

    Even when, once you get addicted to it, become a slow poison to whoever playing the each task of the Blue Whale Game. Yulia Konstantinova happened to see as one of the first Victims from the Blue Whale Game. After that, Cops from Many Countries Including Kenya, Paraguay, Portugal, Venezuela, Spain, Uruguay, Serbia and even Many more Countries found to be many incidents Victims report regarding the same.

    However, the developers already mentioned in their release notification that and As per the request, the man behind the Blue Whale Game has been arrested and taken to the Russian Custody.

    In fact, a couple of Months ago, many of the Kids and Even 18+ found to be fond with C.O.C as well as with Mini Militia. Once Blue Whale Starting Hunting the Mind of Game Lovers all around the world found to be the lack of download and update over this 2 games and Blue Whale game start speaking around the Public. Finally, it found to be a real threat to all user. Once you start picking each level to another one, Blue Whale starts picking your mind and Blue Whale Challenge will begin.

    The Developer of the Game demanded that ” I never asked for anybody to Play this Game and Challenge the Blue Whale“. The Psychology of Kids and attentions to the Game made the developer of this Game to his success.

    Every Coin has a Lovely part and a dark side, Once The Blue Whale Game, started a threat, his effort found to be a waste. Many teenagers from all around the world picked this Game via some online communities and the Russian Call this Game as “Group of Death”.

    Request: Once you found this Game anywhere on the Online Community, Please Hell out from there and Focussing on Mind Free Game and Don’t try for Death Challenging Games.

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