Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills/Release Date/Trailer


 Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills/Release Date/Trailer: Yet Another big budget molly wood movie to Surprise the EID 2017. As there were many competitors out there at cinemas to compete against Tiyaan Movie 2017. As the movie comes up under 20 crore budget category. Malayalam Cinemas never found before with Huge Budget movie before. In fact, sounds like Tiyaan going to break the Box office collection.As already Fahadh Faasil’s latest movie Role Models out there running successfully in around 100’s of theaters at south India that braked the EID collection in all theaters.

Tiyaan movie started its shooting from earlier 2016’s onwards and have taken one year process to complete the entire task of this big budget movie.The movie Tiyaan made it production and other cast works Successfully from Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. Even more at Other areas incorporate Pune, Mumbai, as well as in Nasik. As the predicted its release on EID Day and postponed its release date from 29 June 2017 to 7 july 2017 The movie has already made its positions 200’s of theaters. However, the  movie making its release all over India as well as at Gulf Countries also.

Tiyan Movie Posters and Stills:

Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Stills

More in Detail on Tiyaan Malayalam Movie:

In Behind the Scenes of Malayalam Movie Tiyaan, there were many cast and Crew worked so nicely and very honestly for making the movie a big Success. In fact, Stunning Superstar Pritviraj to cast as main role in this movie and Main Actress as Ananya and Padmapriya. Both the actress made their come back to Malayalam cinemas after a long time, sounds like to make this a block bluster hit. Murali Gopi also making his come back after 2015’s sounds a long gap to make this Tiyaan a success.

Indrajith Sukumaran is casting along with Nakshatra Indrajith sounds like never happened before in the history of Malayalam movies.For more Review and Report on the basis of the Theater review will be reflected soon after its release. Stay tuned with us, By the Time take a look at the Trailer.

Tiyaan Malayalam Movie Trailer: