WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Match Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Match Prediction

WWE has SET for WWE Extreme Rules 2017 and this is the 9th Extreme Rule Event Under WWE Chronology. You can Check Live Streaming Updates on Extreme Rules 2017 Predictions and Results will be Reflected Here Live Soon. Here We Update the 6 Match Predictions based on the Performance made in Previous Matches taken place at RAW after Wrestlemania and Payback. The Extreme Rules Event basically focussing on WWE RAW superstars and backlash Event for Smackdown. The Upcoming WWE Event Summerslam 2017 will Join the Title Holders at Previous Event and Extreme Rule Event 2017.

Let’s See the 6 Match Predictions For WWE Extreme Rules taking place on June 4 at Maryland 8ET/5PT.

  1. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe: This Match is Something Interesting One and Never Happened Before. It’s a Fatal 5-Way Extreme Rules match to Uncover the No.1 contender from these 5 Superstars taking the Challenge for the WWE Universal Championship. As the WWE Supporters Joins the 48% Vote for Roman Reign and Balance with Those 4 Other Superstars. However, as Per Quintdaily Report, We Don’t Have Prediction in Roman Reign as he can’t attain the Championship Title and Seth Rollins after his Comeback to WWE from his Injury happened couple of Months before, Started His Onstage Performance Much better than happened and Before and while in Comparison with Finn Bálor, Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe. Bray Wyatt also made Comeback to Stabilize the Performance.
  2. Dean Ambrose (champion) vs. The Miz (with Maryse): These 2 Superstars is before Live Audience for WWE Intercontinental Championship and this Sounds Interesting among the Voting Panel. Dean Ambrose Attained Maximum Supporters due to his past performance in the Ring at WWE RAW after Wrestlemania 33 Has Done. But the Condition has Made on Ambrose Feels Sad on Ambrose that whatever be the Reason if he gets Disqualified he is going to miss his Championship. This Reminds the Praying for Ambrose from all the WWE Universe to Attain the Title Back.
  3. Alexa Bliss (Champion) vs. Bayley: These WWE Young Women Superstars are Here for  Kendo Stick-on-a-Pole match. Sounds Interesting Right? Alexa has to Keep his Title on his Hand While She Steps Out the Ring and Bayley in Hungry for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship Title. As the Bayley Lost her Supporters due to Bad Performance She Made in WWE RAW Previous Weeks. But Most of the WWE Universe are Supporting Very Well For Bayley might Because of they Trust Bayley this time or due to some other facts.
  4. The Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt Hardy) (champions) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus: Well.!!! This sounds Freaky that a Steel Cage Tag team match Held Between Hardy Boys and Team Shamus for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rules 2017. As the Current Champions are Very Much Tricky and Whole Universe Supporting them Because of this Lovely Brothers always Makes something Interesting Performance inside the Steel Cage Ring Matches. Moreover, the Combined move they Do inside the Steel Cage matches has Done before by MNM in 2015’s Matches and the Team has Not in WWE now.  Moreover, Sheamus has come up with New Moves happens to see inside the Ring in WWE Raw at 2017’s.
  5. Neville (champion) vs. Austin: This Match Basically Aries for Surrender match for attaining the Title for WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Nevile the New Young Superstar to WWE and Austin a Well Trained Superstar and He always closed to attain Champion Ship Title as Saw before in Wrestlemania’s as well as in Road Block Events. The Whole Universe for this Extreme Rules Match Voted for Austin Arise to Attain this Time for the Championship Title for WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WWE Extreme Rules 2017.
  6. Rich Swann and Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar and Alicia: Well.!!! The ability to Beat Men Superstar By Sasha or Alicia Whoever, in this  Fox Mixed tag team match sounds Unpredictable. However, It’s a Combined match any Men Superstar or Women Superstar Can Beat Opposide Team Whomever it is and Winning Champions will Lead to the Summerslam Event taking Place in August 2017.

The Above Prediction Made by Team Quintdaily as the Votes Got Us from WWE Supporters via our Social Media and We just aired the Information as it is.