30.7.2017 POURNAMI RN298 Kerala Lottery Result Today

30.7.2017 POURNAMI RN298 Kerala Lottery Result Today

30.7.2017 POURNAMI RN298 Kerala Lottery Result Today: Yet another Lucky draw for the Kerala Pournami Bagyakuri Draw for the series of RN 298. This result will be get declared live for 30.7.2017 POURNAMI RN298 Kerala Lottery Result Today at the official announcing center Trivandrum(TVM). You may please Clarify the below given details of Kerala Pournami RN298 with the details on your lottery are telling the same fact. You can clarify it with the given table below before the official announcement.  If you are satisfied are cleared with the Pournami RN298 lottery Updates that we attached here are true with the lottery that you were holding on series RN298. Then Please go and check the results online that we were publishing for Pournami RN298 Kerala Bagyakuri.

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30.7.2017 POURNAMI RN298 Kerala Lottery Result Today in Detail:

For Check 30.7.2017 POURNAMI RN298 Kerala Lottery Result Today, please make sure that the given detail are true with your Pournami RN298 lottery.

Kerala Lottery Today. In Detail
Season Lottery. Pournami RN298 Kerala Bagyakuri Lottery
Draw Date : Pournami RN298. 30 07 2017
Draw Day : Pournami RN298. Sunday
RN298 License Credits. Kerala State Lotteries
1st Prize award for RN298. 65 lakhs
2nd Prize award for RN298. 5 Lakh(Individually)
3rd Prize award for RN298. 1 lakhs for 12 members w.r.t Pournami series of RN298 winners
4th Prize award for RN298. 5000/-
5th Prize award for RN298. 2000/-
6th Prize award for RN298. 1000/-
7th Prize award for RN298. 500/-
8th Prize award for RN298. 100/-
Consolation Prize award for RN298. 10000 (For 12 Members)
RN298 Series in Total. RA,RB,RC,RD,RE,RF,RG,RHRJ,RK,RL,RM
Total No. of Series for Pournami RN298. -12-
RN298 Agents Commissions . 10% Commission of Draw on RN298
Center of Draw for RN298. Trivandrum {Chitra Auditorium}
Time of Draw for RN298. 3.00 PM (IST 15:00PM) 30-07-2017
RN298 Ticket Rate. INR 30/-

Previous 23.7.2017 POURNAMI RN297 Kerala Lottery Result Updates:

Well, the luck winner man for RN297 Pournami Kerala Lottery is taken from Kollam for the Draw. Perhaps, the 2nd lucky winner from Palakkad who is holding 5 lakhs in total. If you missed the Update regarding the result for RN 297 Pournami for previous draw. Please make sure the results updates using the below pdf.

Download Here for RN297 Lottery Result.

However, the more details on the Draw for RN 298 Kerala Lottery Result Today for Pournami Bagyakuri will be updated soon.