Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (19.7.2017)

Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (19.7.2017)

Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (19.7.2017): Are you looking for Today’s Akshaya Lottery Results drawn for Series AK302 at official Declaration Center at Trivandrum. In fact, every Akshaya Series to be drawn via agencies on Wednesday. Well, Today is Wednesday.Right..!!. However, this Wednesday will be something a new week rise with a lottery waiting for at your Wallet to surprise with 50 lakhs. In fact, 50 lakhs is the lucky Money for the First Member who hold the lucky draw for AK302 number.

Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (17.7.2017) in Detail:

The Below table represents the complete details on Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (19.7.2017). Well Says, each Updates are based as per Latest facts made on the number of the Akshaya AK302 draw and it will surprised only after the Akshaya AK302 draw from the official center by Tuesday(19th July) evening @4.00 PM.

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Serial No Stipulations
Lottery Name Akshaya AK302 Lottery
Date of Draw for AK302 Akshaya 19-07-2017
Day of Draw Wednesday
Ticket Rate 30 INR
First Prize for AK302 50 lakhs
Second Prize for AK302 20 lakhs (Each For 10 Members)
Third Prize for AK302 10 lakhs (Each For 10 Members)
4th Prize for AK302 5000
5th Prize for AK302 2000
6th Prize for AK302 1000
7th Prize for AK302 500
8th Prize for AK302 100
Consolation Prize for AK302 10000 (For 10  Members)
Number of Series AAA,AB,AC,AD,AE,AG,AH,AJ,AK,AL
Series of Draw for AK302 10
Agents Commissions 10% of Draw
Center of Draw for AK302 Thiruvananthapuram
Time of Draw for AK302 3.00 PM (IST 15:00PM) 19-07-2017
License Kerala State Lotteries

Notification for Kerala Lottery Result Today : Akshaya AK302:

Deservely, If you are one of the  member for Akshaya Lottery AK302, then you should kindly check the details for AK302@ Akshaya lottery and if you downloaded the Akshaya results it with the Kerala or state authorities site,please be make sure that series of AK302 are true to your ticket and report it to the respective agencies.

How to Check Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (19.7.2017):

  • Download the PDF of your AK302 Result.
  • Check the Series of AK302 are True with your Lottery.
  • Check the Result using digits wise from Top to low or Low to High,based on Akshaya AK302 updated with the results.
  • Confirm whether you have won or not by a detailed checking the Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (19.7.2017) using the downloaded pdf.

Eg: Previous Akshaya  AK302 Lottery Result in PDF.

If you got any more information which concerns with Akshaya AK302- Kerala Lottery Result Today (19.7.2017), please drop your queries below.


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