Android Octopus “O” Release date – Features

Android Octopus

What is Android O? What is Android? Many Rumors were spreading regarding the Oatmeal Series Like: Android Octopus,Android Oreo and more predictions had gone viral on the internet regarding the latest release of Android Firmware update. From the latest release Google Keynote, sounds like Google latest Android 8 (Rumor: Android Octopus “O”} Update is going to stands for “Octapus”. Here I’m excited to share the Google latest I/O Keynote along with this.

As this is an era of smartphones, there were new and more smartphones to get release under Android series. BTW, the company created the Android Firmware supports its up gradation every year with A-Z series due to the fact that release of smartphones does the same. The sensing technology has developed vast and established well while considering its features.

Well, while talking to Android O Beta Features, the developers has unveiled its supporting features and how it works on Android phone. Perhaps, what all changes that we can expect at “Android 8” or Says at “Android O“. Can we Expect Virtual reality going to happen and comes true with the release of Android 8? Sounds like it touches with really really cool things to happen with the release of this new Android Firmware.

Well, We discussed 2 days before, the release of Nokia 8 Gold with its release and smell like, what if the Market Grab attention with the Nokia 8 launches with Android 8 or How it going to Challenge Other Samsung,HTC,VIVO…etc and other Smartphones companies out there.

Android Octopus “O” Release date and features in Detail:

Well, the Android O Basically found to concentrates on ‘liquid encounters’ and vitals, with latest new elements featuring amid its first open appearance at Google I/O 2017 and smells like incorporating picture in picture. The Momentum behind the Android O is considerably more streamlined than Nougat with different OS improvements. Highlighting primary concern, as indicated by Google, is that gadgets boot twice as quick and all applications run quicker and smoother as a matter of course.

Basically, the developers are focused on more connected experience for Android Users via this new Firmware Update. BTW, it becomes more cool to have such kind of Hand holding experience should touch by every android users and its safe on the other side as well.

As the iOS is going to get Unveiled soon along with the New iPhone 8 Release by the September and Current Android Running on Nougat Series. If the Android O gets delays, it has to get challenge with iOS 10 in the upcoming days. Well, the developers are more confident in concern with the technology that were unveiling via Android 8 { Android Octopus “O” or What?} to the users around the Globe.

What’s New in Android O Series:

  • Notices in Android O
  • Shrewd Text Selection
  • Foundation limits
  • Enhanced Autofill Framework
  • Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Versatile symbols
  • Enhanced console control
  • Network upgrades
  • Multi-show bolster
  • Better administration of reserved information
  • Duplicate Less
  • Opening locations in Google Maps
  • Enhanced signals

Stay Tuned for the all new Updates and Notification in concern with Android “O” Via Us.