Does GST Effect Bring Down or Rise in Indian Rupee {1$ = *** INR}


GST in India: Let us Discuss in Detail on GST Effect Bring Down or Rise in Indian Rupee and in 1$ = How much INR Value Change According to the Same. As per report made by Times of India in concern with GST (Goods and Services Tax). It’s for Sure, GST will surely effect the Economy of India, but in fact sounds like it may be sometime surprising or even it may be horrible in Future. The introduction of GST by Honorable PM of India (Sir, Narendra Modi) to maintain a Green India. Sounds like Funny, but in fact, the aim is to remove all the Black Money and make the India with 0% Fake Currency,Gold or Whatever the Values the same. 😮 😮 😮

In fact, GST has bring here as a Treasure or as a Devil. It’s July 1st, 2017 and implementations regarding the same have to come in action day by day goes and each people who were living are getting frustrated on the same, How IT going to effect the GST for their Future Living.

GST Effect In India in Detail:

Well, as per latest report, there were found to be the price variations, that got effected from 12:00 AM in India in the Market Research made by QuintDaily Team. As per demand, most of the Goods has got ordered earlier in the market without Getting effected by GST via Wholesale and Retail marketers in the Market. Sounds, like its just a relief profit that these vendors will get in upcoming days. 😀 😮

Moreover, the backbone of GST is that, Person who buy goods from the manufacturer, whether he/she is a retailer or wholesaler, GST have to be submitted at the Manufacturer side, apart from being submitted at the customs or something and this sounds like Retailer as well as Person who buys the Final Product will levy 18% GST on the Product.

As the Percentage of IT that an Individual pay has been changed with the Introduction made with GST in India and a Single Tax Submission rule (GST) has been Live from India from Today On wards. However, most of them are getting angry on this scenario made by Indian Government and sounds like, they got only money to pay GST rather bringing their business in India. 🙁 🙁

What all Changes Made in Economy at India by GST Effect:

As the Demonetization Made on Indian Note by PM of India by end of 2016’s, happens to see that many of them lost their Living as well as many death reported regarding this effect. 🙁 However, each thing has got positive and negative side. In the case of GST, the market has rapidly changed the action in its stock price like, Increase, Decrease and some of the goods never changed its value.

Some of the Goods that we use daily got Hiked its Price includes, Cool Drinks,Face Cream,Banking Services,Telecom Service,Golds,Advertising Services and more..etc, While on the other Hand, Milk-Electricity-Fruits-Vegetable isn’t got any changes yet. Whereas, Soaps, Oils,Sweets,Masala powder Items,,..etc got things has found to be lowered its price range while in concern with the previous day.

How GST in India Effects Economy? Does it Change the Value of Indian Rupee?

Couple of Days ago, PM Narendra Modi Meet up Sir. Donald Trump to make a friendly relation Between India and USA. Sounds like there found to be a Hug Between Trump and Modi Ji states that, Indian Economy never going to get changed with this GST.

While, you can able to see that, as there were a Hike or Drop in Dollar rate, the price of Gold will reflects the same effect, as if look over at daily gold chart effects on Today as well in Rate changes at Yesterday.

As if the change, reflects more by Upcoming Monday ( 9/07/2017), the Price of Indian Rupees will get down in future days and Dollar will dominates. On the Other if we happens to see there a Hike in Indian Rupee Value, the Indian Economy will become more powerful with this GST effect, gradually all the Goods will shows equal variation in the price at India.

Whereas, the Most of the Online Marketers as well as Stock exchanges make their Buy and sell depends on the Value shows the Rate of 1$ in INR validation in India.Sounds like the Hike or Drop will surely effects those at the same time and in fact, that’s the end or beginning of something new to come.

Please make your view on this GST in India and How you noticing the same effect with Respect to Indian Economy.