Independence Day 2017 – USA (4th of July)


Independence Day 2017: United States of America are celebrating 4th of July 2017 as their 241st Independence Day. In fact, USA no longer to be found since 1776 a part of British Empire. Sounds an auspicious occasion out there at this weekend for every citizen of America. As a part of this occasion, the entire American started their Independence Day 2017 celebration at the beginning of weekend itself by different ways. However, the President of America Donald J. Trump in his late night tweeted as follows.

The celebration doesn’t end up inside the Home itself. Apart from Other Nations other than UAE, I’ve just found with the Day starts with Parade by representing Independence and entire holiday ends up by sleeping at Home.

Independence Day 2017 – USA (4th of July) in Detail:

Meanwhile, the celebration at USA is found to be at streets, beaches as well as at parks out there by making variety foods, fun with games as well as different kind of races runs out there and even during midnight celebration starts up and end up with fire crackers sounds to be part of their celebration on Independence day.

In fact, the celebration alike the beginning of new year of new things to happen as well as new decisions. The Below video resemblance the 4th of July made for Kids in a well explained manners sounds great.

However, in this busy life, social media we trust more than celebrations at streets. BTW, most of them conducts 100 gang party at high class hotels or restaurants doesn’t bring any sort of happiness that brings at streets.

So, the people of United States, started making their equality in form of Community to make the Independence day celebration more respectful as well as to make a glance that they were celebrating their freedom. Basically, there is no age difference, whether he/she is a poor or rich doesn’t matters while making this American Day Community.

As a part of making communities out there, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) always surprise the Day with something new in his statements that reveals every morning of Independence day. Let us wait for the new surprise who going to surprise this 241st independence that can be unbelievable as well as most fascinating.