Kadam Kadha Movie Review & Rating


Kadam Kadha Movie Review & Rating(3.5/5): Are you looking for Malayalam Movie Kadam Kadha Review & Rating?. There you go with wonderful romantic comedy suspense thriller movie. As the movie made its release to 28th July. It’s has set to release previous week and got postponed to its post production works. However, the Movie is set to be coordinated by Senthil Rajan in the banner of motion picture is created by Sadhique Ali under the pennant of Masoom Entertainments.

Kadam Kadha Movie Review & Rating in Detail:

Let us Enjoy the Kadam Kadha Movie and take a look at Kadam Kadha Movie Review & Rating in Detail. The Movie made its early release over main stations of Kerala from Today (28/7/17) morning onwards. As i was able to be one of the viewer for this Kadam Kadha Movie. Movie basically aim to challenge the existing proverb, which can be reviewed from its Title Itself.

As the Movie Starring Vinay Fort and Joju George as his friend along with Renji Panicker and Roshan Mathew, the actress to cast as youth icon Srindha made well performance in this movie. In fact, Veena nandhakumar found to be building her career with Kadam Kadha Malayalam movie sounds awesome to hear.

Kadam Kadha Movie Trailer:

The First half plays with Some Comedy Scenes and in between the Actor made some trouble and the Aim tending him and with his friend to achieve the Goal or the word he done with the public. However, there found to be Emotions were extremely casts along with the sub actors made done with the movie.

Perhaps,the Second part of the movie started by thrilling the audience who were appeared for Kadam Katha movie pointed with Interval. However, the basic Theme of this movie is to telling the youth in concern with future. Which means, the movie tell us Life will moves only if we take some risk and challenges it. Well, there itself found the genre part of Comedy,Action and Romantic Part found inside the same.

Its sounds like few cast and crew with brilliant movie has been done with the script of Philip Sigi. As the movie plotted with a low budget appearance before the public. However, the songs sequence are nicely plotted with respect to the situation and even its sounds like comedy managed inside some songs.