Kerala Lottery Results : 7.7.2017 Nirmal Lottery NR 25

Kerala Lottery Results : 7.7.2017 Nirmal Lottery NR 25

Kerala Lottery Results : 7.7.2017 Nirmal Lottery NR 25: Are you Looking for Kerala Lottery Result for Today’s Nirmal Lottery NR 25 Drawn on 07/07/2017? Well, the Result for the NR  25 will get declared by 3.30PM From the official Kerala Lottery Result 2017 declaration portal Trivandrum. As per Schedule Nirmal Lottery NR 25 lottery results will get drawn on every Friday under Kerala Lottery Department council recommendation.In fact, the each draw on Kerala Nirmal Lottery NR 25 Will holds a price money of 70 lakhs for as First Price and proceeds with 8 other prices as follows the Series NR 25.

Kerala Lottery Results : 7.7.2017 Nirmal Lottery NR 25 in Detail:

The Below table shows the details on Nirmal Lottery NR 25 Kerala Lottery Result Number Updates as per Latest report and the numbers that draw for the same will reflected only after the draw from the official center by Friday evening 4.00 PM.

Serial No NR 25
Lottery Name Nirmal Lottery NR 25
Date of Draw 07-07-2017
Day of Draw Friday
Ticket Rate 30 INR
First Prize for AK 300 70 lakhs
Second Prize for AK 300 5 lakhs
Third Prize for AK 300 2 lakhs (Each For 10 Members)
4th Prize for AK 300 5000
5th Prize for AK 300 2000
6th Prize for AK 300 1000
7th Prize for AK 300 500
8th Prize for AK 300 100
Consolation Prize for AK 300 10000 (For 10  Members)
Number of Series NA,NB,NC,ND,NE,NG,NH,NJ,NK,NL
Series of Draw 10
Agents Commissions 10% of Draw
Center of Draw Thiruvananthapuram
Time of Draw 3 PM (IST 15:00PM) 07-07-2017
License Kerala State Lotteries

General Notification on Nirmal Lottery NR 25:

While, If you are one of the Lucky member of Nirmal Lottery NR 25, then you should kindly report it with the Kerala or state authorities ASAP. This is the second draw on Nirmal Lottery NR 25 after the Successful Introduction on GST to India.

Most promisingly, Nirmal Lottery will reflect the price money for the First 2 members or says Prize winners and third Price winner to Consolation prizes usually Nirmal Lottery don’t reflect any kind of GST or VAT since the introduction of Kerala State Lottery.

Stay tuned for the result on Kerala Lottery Results : 7.7.2017 Nirmal Lottery NR 25.!! Meantime, read the detailed notification made by Kerala state Government with respect to Kerala lottery at the back side of every ticket Nirmal Lottery.

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