Nibunan Tamil Movie Review-Rating

Nibunan Tamil Movie Review-Rating

Nibunan Tamil Movie Review-Rating: Yet another Arjun’s crime thriller film to hit south India. As the movie Nibunan co written, co produced as well as directed by Arun Vaidyanathan. Wow 😮 That’s sounds amazing. Well, if the Direction and story by an Individual always made the luck to Hit Box office as per recent survey made over Tamil Films. Does this make sense ah? 🙂 May or may not. The Audience Decides whether it’s a false or impressive one.

As the Nibunan Tamil Movie made its early release at Tamil nadu and found to be Huge Crowd rushing to see another Arjun Sarja Movie. It’s sounds like there were huge fans for the superstar in Tamil Industry.

Nibunan Tamil Movie Review-Rating in Detail:

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Theatrical Rating: 3.5/5 Image result for 3.5/5

User Review Rating: 4.5/5

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Fans  Rating: 4/5

Songs and Climax Scenes are found to be so much touching for this Tamil movie. In fact, it’s 150th movie of Great Arjun Sarja. As the movie Nibunan found to be made its official release today(28/7/2017) over 150’s of theater in India and made its release to Gulf Countries. However, sounds like a Blessed Sunday for all the Fans of Tamil Industry.

Behind the Scenes of Nibunan Tamil Movie:

Directed by Arun Vaidyanathan
Produced by Sudhan Sundaram
Arun Vaidyanathan
Screenplay by Anand Raghav
Arun Vaidyanathan
Story by Arun Vaidyanathan
Starring Arjun Sarja
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Sruthi Hariharan
Music by S. Navin
Cinematography Arvind Krishna
Edited by Sathish Suriya
Passion Film Factory
Distributed by I Studios Entertainment

Nibunan Tamil Movie Trailer:

The movie started picking second by second tickets sale in all theaters at south India as per latest ticket sold out report online. The darting superstar Sarathkumar’s daughter (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) found to starring for the main role is a great challenge for this Movie.

However, Sruthi Hariharan apart from appearing in special appearance, for this Nibunan movie she made her best ever contribution as the supporting actress and sounds like movie made its official release in 2 languages is found to be the brain behind box office. 😀 😮 Enjoy the movie rather goes for detailed explanation and if you need more on Nibunan Tamil Movie Review-Rating. Please be updated with us.