Nirmal NR 26 Lottery Result / Kerala Lottery Result Today

Nirmal NR 26 Lottery Result / Kerala Lottery Result Today

Nirmal NR 26 Lottery Result / Kerala Lottery Result Today: Are you looking for NR 26 Today Kerala lotteries result? There you go, the results will becomes live soon after the official announcement of the Nirmal NR 26 Kerala Lottery Result. Each Friday Kerala Lottery will come attention to Nirmal Lotteries and for each draw number varies with the same. However, NR 26 Kerala lottery Holds a winning amount of 70 lakhs for the First prize and for Second prize winner will grab 5 lakh in Total after GST.

Kerala Lottery Results : 7.7.2017 Nirmal Lottery NR 25 in Detail:

The Results for NR 26 won’t be get displayed after the Announcement. In fact, the NR 26 results will be updated to the official portal after 1 hr and each lottery holder or agency with NR 26 series can update the results via a pdf format with a single click download.

The detailed facts on NR 26 as listed in table below,shows under Nirmal Lottery for the series of draw NR 26 Kerala Lottery Result. Perhaps draw Updates as per Latest report and the numbers that draw in the entire series of NR 26 will gets reflected only after the Nirmal Lottery draw announcements from the official center by Friday evening 4.00 PM.

Serial No NR 26
Lottery Name Nirmal Lottery NR 26
Date of Draw 14-07-2017
Day of Draw Friday
Ticket Rate 30 INR
First Prize for NR 26 70 lakhs
Second Prize for NR 26 5 lakhs
Third Prize for NR 26 2 lakhs (Each For 10 Members)
4th Prize for NR 26 5000
5th Prize for NR 26 2000
6th Prize for NR 26 1000
7th Prize for NR 26 500
8th Prize for NR 26 100
Consolation Prize for NR 26 10000 (For 10  Members)
Number of Series NA,NB,NC,ND,NE,NG,NH,NJ,NK,NL
Series of Draw NR 26 10
Agents Commissions for Nirmal Lottery 10% of Draw
Center of Draw Thiruvananthapuram
Time of Draw for NR 26 3 PM (IST 15:30PM) 14-07-2017
License Kerala State Lotteries

Stay updated for getting the PDF Results of Nirmal NR 26 Lottery Result / Kerala Lottery Result Today drawn from the official center by 3.30PM.