Sthree Sakthi SS66 Lottery Results Kerala 1-8-2017

Sthree Sakthi SS66 Lottery Results Kerala 1-8-2017

Sthree Sakthi SS66 Lottery Results Kerala 1-8-2017: Are you looking for Yet another Lucky Draw for Kerala Lottery Result for the Series of Sthree Sakthi Bagyakuri Lottery. As it unveils the lucky winner for Tuesday for the SS 66 Series of Kerala Lottery. In fact, the Prize money for this sounds like the Winner will hold an amount of Rs.60 lakhs and GST will get reduced from the same. The Second prize will be distributed 1 lakhs each for the winners of the Draw for 12 Series. Even more, the Consolation prize for the Unlucky Prize series will be granted sum of amount of Rs.10,000 for the 11 other series w.r.t sthree sakthi Kerala Lotteries.

Who is the Lucky One for this Tuesday by Sthree Sakthi Lottery? Who will be awarding  2nd Prize. Murmurs are spreading regarding SS 66 Kerala Lottery and eagerly waiting for the Lucky Draw Results.The Things that every lottery holder should focus on fraud activity by checking the same details are as noted in your lottery also. They are as follows:

  • Series of Draw: SA,SB,SC,SD,SE,SF,SG,SH,SJ,SK,SL,SM
  • Lottery Ticket Rate: 30/-
  • Government Lottery seal of Authorized dealer for SS66 Kerala Lottery.
  • Make Sure that Lottery will be drawn from Chithra Auditorium Trivandrum at the  SS66 Kerala Lottery Ticket.

Previous Sthree Sakthi SS65 Lottery Results Kerala 25-7-2017 Updates:

If you were the one of member for SS 65 Kerala Sthree Sakthi Bagyakuri for the Ticket drawn on 25-07-2017. Then if you by mistake fails to update with the lottery result for the same. Please make it clear by checking here for the Previous Sthree Sakthi lottery Result.

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In this SS66, there happens with no changes has changed in its rules of service along with the prize updates. If you got any more information or queries on Sthree Sakthi SS66 Lottery Results Kerala 1-8-2017. Please updated with us.