SummerSlam 2017

Summerslam 2017

SummerSlam 2017: WWE has set ready with Summerslam 2017 Tickets for the Big Event  going to get happen after Wrestlemania. This is 13th Chronological Summerslam to take place on Aug 20th (2017) at Newyork. In fact, the Raw Superstars Nominated From WWE  Great Balls of Fire and Smack Down Superstars elected from WWE Battleground will get nominated for this Event if He/She Holds the Championship Title on 2 Successfully Victory. However, the Event will last longer for so many hours and BTW, smells like an Lengthier Event Under WWE. However, the Tickets Rates will reflects the same on the other hand as well.

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SummerSlam 2017 Updates in Detail:

SummerSlam 2017 has already fixed 4 updates regarding, Fatal 4-Way match,WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, WWE Raw Women’s Championship and WWE Championship matches.

WWE Universal Championship: This is going to a Fatal 4-Way match takes place b/w Current champion Brock Lesnar Will take on Roman Reigns ,Samoa Joe as well as Braun Strowman.  As the talk made between Brock Lesnar and Other Superstars on Previous Raw decided with a clash and made this final Judgement of Fatal 4 Way Match. Basically, Samoa Joe has no right to manage the match due to the failure faced at Battelground. By Luck, he has got his oppurtunity.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: With a Successful Victory made by Natalya in the Fatal 5 Way match from Battleground moved her to battle against Naomi the current women’s champion. Natalya is very much frustrated on this championship match, due to fact that, she has no longer the women champion at WWE so far and this is a great opportunity for Natalya to come back with her Title.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Bayley got her opportunity back to challenge for the Raw Women’s championship after the match held for No.1 contender at WWE Raw due to fact that Alexa Bliss Hold her championship belt after stepping out from the Great Balls of Fire WWE Event very successfully.

WWE Championship: Due to the Interruption made by Great Khali at Punjabi match held between Randy and Jinder Mahal at WWE Battle Ground Happened with termination to summer slam. As we discussed Earlier about randy regarding the Battleground event always made him bad. He has never won any match at Battleground events while we look at the history of WWE. However, August 1 is the Judgement Day for No.1 contender who will face off Jinder Mahal for the Championship match.

It’s for sure that the Summer  slam 2017 event will contains more than 11 matches. However, Summer slam always surprised with the Kickoff Matches. Alike Hell in a cell, Wrestle-mania and TLC, there found to be nothing special events happened still at Summer slam events. But, entire championship will takes place and it will be a great experience for all the WWE Universe and Fans out there.

The more actions related with WWE Summerslam 2017 will be updated after Each Raw and Smack Down match before Summerslam 2017. Stay tuned with us.

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