Akshaya Ak 305 Kerala Lottery Result 9-8-2017

Akshaya Ak 305 Kerala Lottery Result 9-8-2017

Akshaya Ak 305: Today’s Kerala Bagyakuri Lottery Results Updates are as Follows for Akshaya Ak 305 Kerala Lottery Result 9-8-2017. The Kerala Lotteries is set to unveil the Results for Akshaya Ak305 Lottery ticket on 9-8-2017 by 3.00 PM. Yet another Wednesday feels like being special for another lucky draw of 50 lakhs via Akshaya lottery ticket. The Second Prize for AK 305 Akshaya Bagyakuri will awards the some of amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- for the 12 series individually. However, third Prize for another 12 series also do the same action of Rs.1,00,000 individually. Sounds like while if sees the 50 Lakhs for Akshaya Bagyakuri is low while in comparison with other Kerala lotteries. But the fact of promising 2nd and 3rd Prize with great prizes for many is yet another surprising fact by Akshaya Lotteries.

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Akshaya Ak 305 Kerala Lottery Result 9-8-2017:

For AK 305, the Individual lottery Results as well as Group ticket results will be handled. Once if you take a bundle of 7 or 5 lotteries with the same number with different series @ AK 305, you will promise with entire tickets to draw the prize money what ever it is. In fact, the lucky draw for big money will awards only after 3rd prizes.

Akshaya Ak 304 Previous Lottery Ticket Info:

It is clear that, the AK 304 results has been declared 6 days before, exactly on previous Wednesday. The lucky number AR 188136 from PATHANAMTHITTA district awarded the Prize money of 50 Lakhs. The Second and third Prize holders of the same from mixed states of Kerala. If you really missed the update regarding the same, Please take a look for the results below for AK 304 previous week Lottery Result for Akshaya bagyakuries.

AK 304 Result Here.

However, While we comes to AK 305 Today’s Lottery ticket, it is clear that the results will get unveiled from Chitra Auditorium. The Government authorized Kerala lottery updates will be handled here. However, if you got any issues with the prize money or something related with the same can directly approach here or at your nearby genuine lottery station.

The more information with respect to Akshaya Ak 305 Kerala Lottery Result 9-8-2017 will be updated after 3.00 PM today.

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