Darsakudu Telugu Movie Review-Rating

Darsakudu Telugu Movie Review

Darsakudu Telugu Movie Review-Rating: Friendship day always feels like blessed even more romantic. Darsakudu Telugu Movie sense the feeling of more romantic entertainer movie Written and Directed by Jakka Hari Prasad under the Banner of Sukumar Writings. As the movie, made its release at over Bug stations of India. Sounds like Darsakudu Telugu movie look forward to Hit the Box office Collection at its first day itself. In fact, it has made over its intial release over 150+ station in India itself. However, the music of Sai Karthik was a much notable fact.

The Variety fight sequence has been included in this movie, as already said its a romantic entertainer. Perhaps, we can assume that, there will be something going to happen after the Romance starts. However, the emotions of the movie are well being executed with heart touching music.

Darsakudu Telugu Movie Review-Rating in Detail:

Theatrical Rating: 3.5/5 Image result for 3.5/5

User Review Rating: 4.5/5

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Fans  Rating: 4/5

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However, apart from being look forward for Darsakudu Telugu Movie Review-Rating online. Before stepping into the theaters make feel like your favorite are also been a part of this movie. Here are the list of the back bone of Darsakudu Telugu Movie.

Directed by Jakka Hari Prasad
Produced by BNCSP Vijaya Kumar
Thomas Reddy Aduri
Ravi Chandra Satti
Written by Jakka Hari Prasad
  1. Ashok Bandreddi
  2. Noel Sean
  3. Eesha Rebba
  4. Pujita Ponnada
Music by Sai Karthik
Cinematography Praveen Anumolu
Sukumar Writings

Darsakudu planning to set its release over abroad countries like Middle East and European continents. As there huge fans for Sai karthik on his Music. Well, you can able to see from this trailer of Darsakudu itself.

The Audience welcomed with awesome report after getting done with first show of Darsakudu Telugu movie. Smells like most of the couple and lovers are getting rushed to the theaters for making them feel like Darsakudu. If you need more in detail on Darsakudu Telugu Movie Review-Rating along with its first day box office collection report. Please come back after.