Juliet Lover of Idiot Movie Teaser


Juliet Lover of Idiot Teaser: The Romantic Telugu movie Starring Naveen Chandra and actress as Nivetha Thomas { Malayalam actress } has been releasing the official Teaser Today. As the movie is directed by Tollywood Romantic director Ajay Vodhirala. Well, the Teaser itself really excited the Audience and found to be hitting YouTube very fast. As the movie is under production works and not yet issued its release date as official. In fact, once if the trailer gets released, the movie can be expected with 2 weeks after the same.

Its not only a Romantic Entertainer but also the Comedy sequence were mixed for supporting the movie has found to be a great factor. The Malayalam Gorgeous Kid Actor Esther Anil made her debit in Tollywood with Juliet Lover of Idiot movie sounds great for Malayalam Film Industry. Comedy star Ali Basha also found to be part of the cast along with Abhimanyu Singh to cast a surprising role for the movie Juliet Lover of Idiot.

As it sounds like not a big budget movie because of Village appearance has been executed for the Romantic approach. However, as per latest information provided, the movie has been undergoing its final production works. BTW, it can makes it release with in 50 days from today as per prediction.

The story of the movie Juliet Lover of Idiot was so executed for the direction. In fact, the first motion posters has already released couple of weeks ago and sounds romantic approach been executed for the same. Stay tuned for the Juliet Lover of Idiot Teaser updates . Once its get released by the Team of Juliet Lover of Idiot, will be reflected here. Stay tuned for the Juliet Lover of Idiot Reviews, Rating as well as Box office collected report on the first day of release date from us.