Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result 13.8.2017

Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result
Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result

Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result: The next surprising Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result on 13.8.2017 has been unveiled. The RN series of Pournami Bagyakuri of Kerala lotteries Sunday has been unveiled the result couple of minutes ago. The Winner of the draw Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result will award prize money of Rs.65 lakhs individually. The Second prize for Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery will awards 5,00,000/- as winning money. In fact, alike other Kerala Lotteries Kerala POURNAMI RN300 also hold a 12 series updates with every Pournami Lotteries. If you are new with or frequent user of Pournami Kerala lottery, then make sure that series of draw RN 300 updated with genuine date and exact government authorized sealed as well.

Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result in Detail:

Pournami Kerala ticket RN 300 will applies GST for first 2 winners and 12 series winners. In fact, the third series prize winners while updates the ticket with agencies directly wont appears the same campaign. However, Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery has reported with Rs. 30/- for every single ticket. If you might have seen with any single paisa more than selling by any agencies, should report directly to the respective officers regarding the frauds.

The Kerala Pournami ticket RN 300 prizes were awarded after taking the commission percentage for the agencies or agent as well as reduction w.r.t GST. Sounds like, winning a prize also contains Tax an Ugly theories implemented by Indian Government. Whatever winning a lottery or making a luck is just with 30/- ticket sounds great surprising thing that Kerala government doing.

Pournami RN299 in Brief:

While we look over for previous week Kerala POURNAMI RN299 lucky draw, the lucky winner of 65 lakhs prize money is RB 717309  is from KOLLAM district. The Second Prize awarded for RC 707718 from the official declaring district THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. Wow! that’s sounds so much excited by the people of THIRUVANANTHAPURAM district. the other consolation prizes for RN299 as well as 4 digit winners of the same was from different part of India.

Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result declared successfully on 13.8.2017. This is the second draw for Pournami Bagyakuri in the month of August 2017. The amazing fact is that, every Kerala lottery Result updates especially for Pournami and Karunya Bagyakuri’s, the second winning amount stands so much surprising with a big money. Well, other Kerala lotteries only capable to contribute maximum of 2 lakhs for the 2nd Winners of the draw.

Final Verdict on Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery Result:

If you got more doubts in concern with August Kerala POURNAMI RN300 Lottery that you’ve taken, can update it with nearby agencies. If you feels like fraud activities or feared about the winning money for Pournami RN 300 Kerala lotteries. Please make sure that the communication details behind the lottery are genuine and true with your ID.

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