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Vivegam Movie Review

Vivegam Movie Review: Tamil Movie Vivegam has successfully completed its preview with a mass entry of Thala Ajit to all the worldwide cinemas.

What can we say, like a festival fans and public welcomed their movie Vivegam with a huge loud of blows.

Theaters already made their booking yesterday and only countable tickets left for the show in lower class for the fans awaited for the movie. The expectation has been vanished after the show. Even more, the movie rated an average review by public audience from all over the world.

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However, the movie made its success after the first day booking itself. Take a look at the public support and review in Tamil for the fans awaited for the same.

Social Media Review after the Show:

As per report, most of the audience made down liked with the story, but the excellence in direction made the movie to grab attention of the audience.

The Songs and action sequence has been nicely done for the movie with best as they can. Even more, the location sequence made its song more mind freaky.

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Along with the positive reviews, fans nearly at south India at various theaters made false reports regarding the same. Even more, most of the public support nicely made their self review by comparing other films of Ajith Kumar as well as with other star films also via social media’s.

As the movie not only made its release at India or south India, it made its world wide release.

Most of the rumors were spreading like;

Does it made world wide release because of bad story?

Does it making a game with peoples?

The Script Writer already mentioned as a spy thriller film before the first preview itself. More the expectation made by its fans and public out there regarding the story,direction,songs already from its trailer. However, it doesn’t sounds like a bad movie or good movie, expectations are not up to the same.