Pournami RN301 Kerala Lottery Results 20-August-2017

Pournami RN301 Kerala Lottery Results 20-August-2017

Pournami RN301: 65 Lakhs for yet another Pournami RN301 Kerala Lottery Results 20-August-2017 will be made updated here. The Latest Kerala Bagyakuri RN 301 under the Category of Pournami Lottery has been updated with new series of Ticket draw for 20.8.2017. It has been found that official results for RN 301 Pournami Bagyakuri draw today will be made available here after announcement from Chithra Auditorium Thiruvananthapuram. As the ticket will be made available with 12 series of draw for Kerala Pournami RN 301 at the front side of the same and you should make sure that while checking for your results.

Pournami RN301 Kerala Lottery Result Today:

Pournami RN301 Kerala Lottery Result today will be appeared for the ticket owners of the draw dated on 20/8/2017. The authorized government gambling will not be punishable, as i sounds like each ticket under pournami will be in terms of social service also, in the eye of kerala state government. Thus however, if you are one of the lucky members for Pournami RN 301 Kerala Bagyakuri, then you must make sure that the features given below are truly updated on Pournami RN301 Ticket issued under Kerala State Lotteries.

  • Ticket Rate: INR 30/-
  • Number of Series @ Pournami RN 301: 12
  • First Prize: Rs: 6,500,000/-
  • Second Prize: Rs : 500,000/-

Pournami RN Series Kerala Lottery Result:

While checking Pournami RN301 Kerala Lottery Result online, every individual should be aware of the concept of winning as well as what should be done after winning the draw. As the previous lucky winner for Kerala Pournami Bagyakuri or Lottery is from Kottayam district awarded for the lucky number RU 441002. Perhaps, as each Pournami RN300 for previous lucky draw was done with 12 series and inside the same every 12 number were found to be repeating. As the No.441002 is one of the series update of RU and other 11 numbers with 441002 is made available by Kerala Lotteries for Pournami RN300. If you fail to check it properly, you will think that you were the winner and the condition is that, you will be nominated to the list of Pournami RN300 consolidation winner category.

Perhaps, while comes up to the action on Pournami RN 301 for Today’s lucky draw, the result we will published here for RN301 series on the basis of pdf format. If you are one of the members for draw @RN301 ticket for Pournami lotteries, then make sure that downloading the same result can be viewed from your source. The more updates regarding latest Pournami RN301 Kerala Lottery Results 20-August-2017 will be soon available.

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