Thank You Very Much Movie Review

Thank You Very Much Movie Review

Thank You Very Much Movie Review: {Rating: 2.5/5}This is kind of youth Entertainment Malayalam movie produced under the banner of CHALK Late Films. As the movie tells the story of youth and their issues happening at their school Life. The movie screened with a low budget movie,basically it has background been cast in a olden aged city. Well, says like either a developed village nor a developed city. School life love stories as well as friends supporting the actor and actress cast for the action has been nicely plotted by its director Sajin Lal.

Thank You Very Much Movie Review in Detail:

Thank You Very Much Movie Cast Includes:

As there found to be cast for the movie Thank you very much is not a noticeable one. Basically, its script sounds awesome. The movie has no importance who ever be its main actor or rather its actress or co-actor pr co actress. Perhaps, the Thank you very much movie is based on family youth story.

The noticeable casts for the same includes as follows;

Babu Namboothiri
Babu Namboothiri
Biju Prabhakar
Biju Prabhakar
Dinesh Panicker
Dinesh Panicker
Kalasala Babu
Kalasala Babu

Thank you very much Movie Rating:

Well, while come up for its ratings awarded via social media Tweets as well as theatrical live updates, the review made are as follows.

Social Media Review Rating: 3/5

Image result for 3 stars rating

Theatrical Rating: 2.5/5

Image result for 2.5 rating

Basically most of the audience found to be excited with story of this movie along with songs added by its music director Reju Joseph.

Behind the Scene of Thank You Very Much:

Story/Writer: R Ajith

Choreography: Sajeesh

Costume Design: Krishna Nila

Screenplay: R Ajith

Dialogue: R Ajith

1. Lena
2. Babu Namboothiri
3. Biju Prabhakar
4. Dinesh Panicker
5. Kalasala Babu
6. Mukundan
7. Sreejith
8. P V Abdul Wahab M P
9. Gauri Krishna

The movie can’t be judged its appearance, most of the audience sometimes attracts a movies based on story,direction and sometimes with its direction as well as based on sweet romantic songs as well. Judge the movie by watching it. The box office reports with latest Thank You Very Much Movie Review after the day one will available today.

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