Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Movie Review and Rating (3.5/5)

Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Movie Review and Rating

Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Movie Review and Rating: The Malayalam Leading actor Asif Ali and Actress  Aparna Balamurali to join together after Sunday Holiday movie has successfully now running all over south India. This cast combination made beautiful Hit and Successful Box office reports for Malayalam Movie in the Month of July 2017.Well, the Ratheish Kumar to make his debutant career with this Malayalam movie sounds very much excited my Fans out there. The Approach for this movie sounds not yet unveiled by the Team of Thrissivaperoor Kliptham.

Well, the approach of Asif Ali for Comedy Thriller movie for this year really exciting and the previous movie made a big audience and fans support for him on Social Medias. Shilpi Sharma to make here debutant with this Malayalam movie and first movie of this year sounds a surprising yet another Fact.

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Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Movie Review and Rating in Detail:

However,  As per Trailer, Sounds like an Family Comedy Entertainer. Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Movie Review and Rating are made by Fans and Social Media Supported reports are rated as follows. There were few cast and crew with specially cast surprising member to set the Thrissivaperoor Kliptham to shoot at Trissur District ( Kerala).

Social Media Online Rating: 3.5/5 Image result for 3.5/5

Fans  Rating: 4/5

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The Movie has been Scheduled Over 100’s of Theaters in Kerala Itself. However, It has made its all over India Release by 11th of August as well as preparing fir gulf release also by next week. Sounds like many Mallu fans are out there waiting for Asif Ikka’s Movie to get released. Thrissivaperoor Kliptham, a strange name and many expectations are seen with respect to social media reviews we have made so far for this Malayalam Movie.

Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Audience Rating:

The Rating from the main station of Kerala with Live streaming will be Updated soon. Apart from Actors and Actors of Thrissivaperoor Kliptham Movie, there found to be lovely supporters behind the scenes of this Family Entertainer.

Music by Bijibal
Cinematography Swaroop Philip
Edited by Shameer Muhammad
Distributed by Whitesands Media House
Produced by Fareed Khan
Shaleel Azeez
Written by PS Rafeeque

The More detailed reports after getting done with movie after its first preview of Thrissivaperoor Kliptham will get reflected here. Stay tuned for More review and updates, Follow Quint Daily.