Dulquer Movie Parava 5 Star Rating, Parava Movie Review

Parava Movie Review

Parava Movie Review: A Natural expressing actor Soubin Shahir made his debut direction with starring actor Dulquar Salman. As the Parava movie made a classic entry of 2 kids make audience whether the movie related with Fishing or not. Well, that makes sense of caring of those 2 kids to animal kind. Then in the first half of the movie Writers, Soubin Shahir and Muneer Ali bring the audience to make a conclusion by introducing Parava (Pigeon). These 2 Kids were doing their schooling one named Irfan and his friend, something a strange name. I don’t remember actually. There is no meaning of approach who is the main actor or actress for this movie. Becuase its based on Love, Caring Revenge and Pigeon Match. In fact, Soubin Shahir well deserves appreciation and the entire audience can give him 5 Star for the movie Parava.

Parava Movie Review and Rating in Detail:

In the first half, the audience inside the theaters feels like they were really at Mattanjeri, the Sequence of the Movie Parava has been executed in the presence of Mattanjeri region and the culture and the attitude of the people around the same has been introduced by its cameraman as per script was made an extremely awesome approach.

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The Dulquer Salmaan made his entry 15 minutes before the Interval scene. Well, his character was never seen before in his film career. There is an Issue happening with Srinda Ashab making the story with a twist. Well, the Romantic Sequence of Irfan(one of the kid) with a newbie girl to his school and approach was extremely awesome. However, Interval Scene made touching and smells like a revenge.
In Second half, the thing happening to Dulquer Salmaan due to the issue on the basis of Srinda Ashab because of Sreenath Bhasi and Soubin Shahir making the movie turning to yet another path. Most of the audience approached the movie with Pigeon game, but actually, a double climax has been executed and its rarely happening in the Malayalam movies.

Parava Movie Rating: (5/5)

As there many movies released in this year, and I’m not a fan of nobody, I will say this is really an extremely awesome movie. You must see this Parava movie. On the basis of this, I can tell you, Parava movie well deserves its appreciation because of;
  • Best Direction

parava movie rating

  • Best Storyparava movie rating
  • Well Theater Reviewsparava movie rating
  • Best Camera Sequenceparava movie rating
  • Scene by Scene Musicparava movie rating

Behind the Scenes of Parava Malayalam Movie:

Direction:         Soubin Shahir

Producer:      Anwar Rasheed and Shyju Unni

Written:          Soubin Shahir and Muneer Ali


  • Dulquer Salman
  • Anwar Rasheed
  • Sreenath Bhasi
  • Shane Nigam
  • Shine Tom Chacko
  • Jacob Gregory
  • Soubin Shahir
  • Hari Shree Ashokan
  • Indrans
  • Siddique
  • Srinda Ashab

Music:             Rex Vijayan

Cinematography:           Littil Swayamp

Editor:             Praveen Prabhakar

Production company: Anwar Rasheed Entertainments and The Movie Club

Distribution:   Anwar Rasheed Entertainments

Language:             Malayalam


Final Verdict:

Apart from making a detailed review, I believe that my little review will surely be touched your heart for watching today’s released Malayalam movie Parava.This might be yet another box office and you will know once you watch it. If you require more audience Parava Movie review, follow Quint Daily for the same.