Karunya KR 309 Lottery Result 2.9.2017

Karunya KR 309 Lottery Result 2.9.2017

Karunya Lottery Result: Karunya KR 309 Lottery Result 2.9.2017 Today’s lucky draw for Kerala Karunya Lottery Results has been declared a couple of minutes ago. 2.9.2017 draw for the series of Karunya Bagyakuri ticket for the series of KR 309 live results is official now. You can check the Karunya KR 309 Lottery Results drawn on 2 September 2017 from here. We have updated the notification regarding today’s Karrunya Lottery draw along with the winning number.

Karunya KR 309 Lottery Result: Check Here

It’s 3.00 PM, Kerala Lottery Results has been made official for today’s winning KR309 Karunya Bagyajuri can be checked from here. The winner of KR309 ticket under Karunya Bagyakuri will award an winning amount of Rs. 75 Lakhs. Next Winners of 8 series updates of Karunya KR 309 Series will proceed with 10 Lakhs, 1 Lakhs and so on. However, those who miss the draw for Karunya KR309 lottery will be then awarded consolation prize for the same draw of Rs.10K. The Consolation Prize for KR309 Series lottery ticket has been issued for 11 unlucky members of the same draw.

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Steps to Karunya KR 309 Lottery Result:

  1. Download the pdf of Karunya KR 309 Lottery Results here.
  2. Revise the Series and Date of Draw thoroughly.
  3. Once it has checked successfully, make sure that the 12 series of Karunya KR 309 ticket is made available at the pdf, that you’d downloaded.
  4. You can check the 8 Prize along with Consolation Prize using pdf with your Karunya Lottery Ticket drawn on 2.9.2017

Notification on Karunya KR 309 Lottery Result:

Well, in-depth while checking the draw for Kerala Karunya KR 309 Lottery Result isn’t a big task. The Results we published in the above link given will clear all the doubts regarding the lottery series of Kerala Karunya KR 309. In fact, as per Rule, 30% will be removed up to 3 winning series in terms of GST as well as commission percentage.

The Commission will come around 10% of winning the draw and 18% will be removed in terms of GST in previous updates. The latest Karunya Lottery has been revised and the percentage of Commission and GST will come under 30%. This sounds a great opportunity done by Kerala lotteries for those who trust on Kerala Bagyakuri.

Previous Kerala Karunya Lottery Updates:

While checking the previous update on Karunya Lottery Result, the Number who has drawn the draw on 26/08/2017 awarded the winning amount of 75 lakhs by KK 223353. This is great and the person who has won the same isn’t unveiled by lottery agencies or self by the winner.

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Final Verdict:

If you find that you are the winner for Karunya KR 309 series of 2.9.2017 draw ( Saturday). Make sure that ASAP fill the details found at the bottom of the KR 309 lottery ticket. By chance, if you miss the same, you will get awarded if the person who releases the lottery to respective authorities. if you feel like more queries still, regarding the same, please drop your question or doubts in the below-given comment form.

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