Neruppu Da Movie Review,Audience Rating

Neruppu Da Movie Review

Neruppu Da Movie Review: Tamil Today Released movie Neruppu Da Movie Review and Rating from Various sources are explaining here. As the Tamilnadu Started Focussing Today on the Basis New Released movie and there were on the Joy of Neruppu Da Movie. Tamil Superstar Vikram Prabhu along with Nikki Galrani(main Actress) to cast for the Tamil Movie Neruppu Da. The Impact of New Director Mr.B. Ashok Kumar, Well Cast the Crew Behind the movie NeruppuDa is one of the most promising factor Impacted for its success.

As the movie, live reports updates that, Along with the Story, Song sequence has been nicely done for the audience by its director along with its music director Mr. Sean Roldan. The Direction sounds awesome and story happened to the made audience more interesting in the first half while in comparing with the first half part. The cast and crew worked for the Neruppu Da movie made maximum impact on their skills for the movie. The sensor board has been screened with U Rating, as it didn’t impact with any sort of illegal activities or 18+ contents in the movie.

Neruppu Da Movie Review Live Audience:

The Live Social Media Review is on the Line, the reports unveil that, movie rated with 2.5/5 and First half sounds Entertaining, 2nd Half sounds little delayed and the romantic approach was thrilling to experience for the audience out there.

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Neruppu Da Movie Cast and Crew:

Director: B. Ashok Kumar

Producer: Vikram Prabhu, Esakki Durai, and R. K. Ajaykumar

Writer: B. Ashok Kumar

Main Cast:

  • Vikram Prabhu
  • Nikki Galrani
  • Varun

Music: Sean Roldan

Cinematography: R. D. Rajasekhar

Editor: Thiyagu

Production company: First Artist Chandra Arts Distributed by Cine InnovationsCountry IndiaLanguage Tamil

Distribution: Cine InnovationsCountry IndiaLanguage Tamil

Country Release: India

Language: Tamil

The plot of the Neruppu Da movie picture rotates around the Vikram Prabhu who manages the fire units. Furthermore, it takes the life of a firefighter who battles against the terrible folks. Basically, a dazed man turned performer Motta Rajendran assuming a negative part. However, The main portion of the film set on the life of Vikram Prabhu and it manages the presentation of the legend. While the second half turns intriguing with the spot of activity, battle, and tricks. It is engaging and exciting at once.

Final Verdict:

As per reports collected from 100’s of theaters live Today, box office collection updates are in the way.

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