Onam Bumper 2017 BR57 Results 20.9.2017 Winner

Onam Bumper 2017

Onam Bumper 2017: The Wait has now got over and BR 57 Thirvonam Bumper 2017 lottery results are live now. The Onam Bumper 2017 Winner has been announced as per recommendation made from official source w.r.t BR 57 Lottery ticket. The 10 Crores Indian Rupee Winner for this year Kerala Onam Bumper has been announced from official assertion center Trivandrum. It sounds like a record collection of tickets has been sold out by this year for Kerala Thiruvonam Bumper.

As we already discussed, Thiruvonam Bumper BR 57 lottery ticket for this season has collected big. Thus, however, a record collection means as per media reported that, 1 lakhs of lotteries were sold out per day all around. This has never happened in the history of Kerala lottery or in any bumper series winning a draw. The government has already made live advertisement via social media and via TV Channels as a part of the promotion. Thus made a huge impact on more audience to collect this year Onam Bumper lottery tickets 2017.

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Onam Bumper 2017 ticket updates:

The fact that, 10 Crore lottery ticket is the first time happening in a sale of Kerala Lotteries. The agencies or government hasn’t made any limitations in taking the Bumper lotteries from the store made available. As much as lotteries can be taken. This might be the reason in great progress found by the government in the sale, Anyway, seems like great.

Kerala Thriuvonam Bumper 2017 Results:

Do you know how to check 20 September 2017 BR 57 Winning Draw for Thiruvonam Bumper? Here we updated the steps for checking Today’s Kerala Thiruvonam Bumper 2017 Lottery results Online.

  1. Go through official Declaration Portal Here: Onam Bumper 2017.
  2. Once you Successfully Enter the portal for Checking BR 57 Lottery Results, Read out the Official notification and details described regarding the same.
  3. You can able to check Onam bumper result updates along with the Live streaming updates of the Winner who have won the BR 57 draw for this season Kerala Bumper 2017.

Onam Bumper 2017 Winner:

The Winner of this season Onam Bumper Kerala Lottery Result will be updated soon along with the name and details of the Onam Bagyakuri Winner. However, Onam Bumper not only updating the results for 1st prize. As there were ten 50 Lakhs draw in terms of Second prize and twenty 10 Lakhs of drawing along with the same. Everyone is so much excited about BR 57 Lottery Results Today. The Live updates from the officials unveil that, Onam Bumper 2018 winner is updating via live news and everybody is keenly waiting for the same. Not only the Keralite has taken the Onam Bumper BR 57 Lottery tickets, but also, it seems like Pravasi from Gulf Countries and other than Keralites, north Indians also started checking their luck with the same.

Final Verdict:

Some of the news channels are being updated that BR 57 fake lotteries are also roaming around us. Please make sure while picking lotteries from respective trusted agencies. For more regarding your lottery for Thiruvonam Bumper.

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