Ramaleela Malayalam Movie Review “Ramaleela Movie Rating”

ramaleela movie review

Ramaleela Movie Review: The much focused Dileep Malayalam movie of this year has been released today at 300’s of theaters in India. Not only movie focused its release in India, moreover its a public talked movie of the season. In fact, Ramaleela has been made its official world wide release by 10 AM Today. As its producer  Tomichan Mulakuppadam has announced in an interview regarding its budget(16 crore ) couple of days ago. The Movie Ramaleela is based on a political thriller movie and sounds like its main Actor dileep are now focused mostly by the audience based on Actress assaulted issue and he is Sub Jail now.

Due to the fact that, movies in India focusing on its  Value of Actress,Actor,Director and what can we say, its story, the Ramaleela Scheduled its official release today after a long procedure due to dileep issue. Apart from Die hard fans most of the people out there in Kerala and Malayalam movie lovers has been  made the reservation for this movie from 2 days ago. The much awaited movie Ramaleela grabbed attention inside the theaters from Morning onwards and found to be huge rush still happening for the next show.

Ramaleela Movie Review and Rating:

As the social medias and Celebrities made their talk regarding Ramaleela movie paid much attention to huge audience out there in all stations of Kerala from Today morning onwards. From the theatrical insight it is able to know that, introduction found to be starting with suspense of the movie as what we usually see at suspense thrillers. The Script Writer Sachy has made his excellence with Ramaleela movie along with the direction of Arun Gopy with the excellence of camera by Shaji Kumar.

Ramaleela Movie Theatrical Response with Rating:

Well the audience received the movie Ramaleela not by their hands, but after all by their hearts. The Issue of Dileep case is still pending and that bothered by the audience out there in most theaters of India. The First half of the movie sounds like the Drama with some comedy actions scenes inside what happening in political offices and what happening around the roads. The Interval found to be little bit boring, most of them didn’t understood what’s happening or what is going to get happen. Feels like a little psychological approach introduced by the director and script writer.

Theatrical Rating: 4/5

Ramaleela Movie Rating

User Review Rating: 4.5/5

Ramaleela Movie Rating

Social Media Users Rating: 4.5/5

Ramaleela Movie Rating

Cast and Crew Approach for Ramaleela movie:

As we already said after the review from its producer, the movie has been released world wide and focusing on next block buster hit alike the movie pulimurugan (from same producer). The much awaited movie collected around 135 crores while reviewing the box office collection report. The 16 Crores Ramaleela Malayalam Movie is expecting more than that due to the issue now focusing on dileep. The first day collection from online booking has been found to be crossing 2 crores and its more than expected. As the movie made its release on pooja holidays for considering the same experience from all aged audience out there.

While coming to the Cast and Crew approach for the movie, there found to huge crew behind the scenes apart from the main cast for this movie. The main cast behind the scenes of Malayalam Movie Ramaleela are as Follows:

Main Cast for Ramaleela Movie:

  • Dileep as Ramanunni
  • Prayaga Martin as Helena
  • Mukesh
  • Vijayaraghavan
  • Renji Panicker as V.G. Madhavan
  • Radikaa Sarathkumar as Sakhavu Ragini

Apart from above all there were sub actress and sub actors also made their excellence for this movie. Moreover, Gopi Sundar Sir also made his contribution to Ramaleela movie by his political movie song approach and romantic musics for this movie.

Main crew behind Ramaleela:

  • Director:                       Arun Gopy
  • Producer:                     Tomichan Mulakuppadam
  • Written by:                   Sachy
  • Main Actors and Actress:
  1. Dileep
  2. Renji Panicker
  3. Prayaga Martin
  • Music:                         Gopi Sunder
  • Cinematography:        Shaji Kumar
  • Editor:                        Vivek Harshan
  • Production company : Mulakuppadam Films
  • Distribution:                Mulakuppadam Release
  • Running time:             2hr 39min

Final Verdict:

If you really trust Malayalam movies as a part of fun, you will surely love this political romantic movie. The movie is really touching and interesting. If you feels like to know the upcoming box office reports and live updates of the same and more Ramaleela Movie reviews, follow Quintdaily. Keep in touch with us.