THOR 3 Trailer Ragnarok “Crazy Team” (2017)

THOR 3 Trailer Ragnarok

THOR 3 Trailer: Marvel Studios successfully unveiled latest THOR 3 Ragnarok “Crazy Team” Trailer (2017). The Crazy first part and the second part of Thor Series made a huge attention to world wide audience. Thor 2 didn’t grab much attention to the audience due to its script while comparing with Thor 1 Series. However, Thor 3 Ragnarok going to get released on 25 October 2017 as per latest report unveiled by the Team. Moreover, the world wide release has been scheduled for November 3, 2017.

People might also ask:

The Entire Queries will be get explained after stepping out from the Cinemas after watching Thor 3. Thor 3 Named as Thor Ragnarok, the name is little confused for new watchers. BUt, it makes sense once if you watch both the Thor Series released earlier.

You might be thinking whether got any suspense on November 3, 2017, world wide. Yes, it is.There is something interesting that is plotting by Thor 3 Teams.

Director:    Taika Waititi

Producer:    Kevin Feige

Screenplay: Eric Pearson

Story by:

  • Craig Kyle
  • Christopher Yost
  • Eric Pearson
  • Production

Company:    Marvel Studios

Distribution: Walt Disney Studios & Motion Pictures

Release date: November 3, 2017

Language:            English

Story Plot:

Once if you watch the above trailer, there is no need to say the plot of the story. Thor 3 Team has successfully managed to figure out what’s THOR 3 Ragnarok in its official trailer.

Final Verdict:

The Dark World, and two years after the occasions of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor, held hostage on the planet Sakaar without his mallet Mjolnir, must win a gladiatorial duel against an old companion, the Hulk so as to come back to Asgard so as to stop the contemptible Hela and the approaching Ragnarök, the fate of the Asgardian development.