Thupparivaalan Movie Review 2.5/5 Rating – Audience Review

Thupparivaalan Movie Review

Thupparivaalan Movie Review: Vishal Latest Released Tamil movie for this weekend has successfully entered the theater with a mass entry. Movie Sounds like a detective thriller movie, however, we discuss here its review on the basis of public and audience responses collected from the theaters it has got released. Thupparivaalan Movie has been released over 200’s of Theaters in India as per latest reports and Madras Enterprises preparing for its release to the middle east countries and to the other foreign countries, especially to Malaysia.

The theater parties are very much tensed after the review made by the audience while stepping out after its first preview today. Seems like most of them rated the movie with average (2.5/5) reports and some of them made a negative review on its sequence. The current reports unveil the fact that, it won’t touch the box office collection. BTW, other than Vishal fans updated that, movie songs and direction sounds fabulously done. Most of the audience isn’t digested much its story.

Thupparivaalan Movie Review in Detail:

Usually, the entry of Tamil movie main Actor and Actress entry will be mind blowing one. If the story sounds little dramatic, it will get adjusted. But for a detective thriller movie, the entry should be mass, the main draw back I’ve seen for this Thupparivaalan is an entry made a bad impression on the audience as well as fight sequence was a little bit lagging. The first half of the movie has made to get away from the theater, which means very not much boring which means audience didnt digested the appriach. Well, the interval scene really a sticking one.

The first half of the movie has made to get away from the theater, which means very much boring. Well, the interval scene really a sticking one. The second half of the movie made little impression on the audience on what basis the first half made them bored. Well, the if the director Mysskin made an inner eye for the same sometimes can hit the movie to a box office impression.

Thupparivaalan Movie Cast and crew: 

As per wiki report unveils that, This movie undertaking was propelled in March 2016, and has finished shooting and is in after one year due to date issues reported by its crew members. However, by gods grace movie has been successfully completed and got its release on 14.9.2017. As there were found to be large cast and crew behind this Tamil movie Thupparivaalan.

  • Vishal as Kaniyan Poongundran
  • Prasanna as Prabhakaran
  • Vinay as Kathir
  • John Vijay
  • K. Bhagyaraj as Muthu
  • Shaji Chen as Vijayakumar
  • Jayaprakash
  • Thalaivasal Vijay
  • Anu Emmanuel
  • Andrea Jeremiah as Pritha
  • Simran as Leela
  • Abhishek Shankar
  • Ajay Rathnam as Rathna Kumar

Main Cast for Thupparivaalan Movie:

Director:   Mysskin

Producer:  Vishal

Written by: Mysskin


  1. Vishal
  2. Prasanna
  3. Vinay
  4. Anu Emmanuel
  5. Andrea Jeremiah

Music:     Arrol Corelli

Cinematography:  Karthik Venkatraman

Production company: Vishal Film Factory

Distribution: Madras Enterprises

Story Plot: Thupparivaalan Movie Review

The Analyst Kaniyan Poonkundran is eager for a testing case to research and the secret of a killed pooch prompts an adversary who could be the match for him. However, a group of merciless culprits drove by a character called Devil (Vinay), which is behind the homicides, gets a whiff of Kenyan’s examination and plots to bring him down before he wrecks all their precisely laid out plans.

Final Verdict:

Thupparivaalan Movie Review sounds like one time watchable and what can we say, if you compare other Vishal movies with Thupparivaalan, it’s nonsense and better you won’t go for watching the same.You can check the social media review above for getting more clarification. For upcoming movie reviews and Rating, Follow Quint Daily.