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Lavakusa Movie review

Lavakusa Movie review: A Comedy Family Entertainer Movie Lava Kusha Start getting attention with Public Talk. The movie has been directed by Gireesh Mano with the Story of Sensational Award Winner in acting Neeraj madhav. However, Neeraj also done his presence for the Lava Kusa along with Starring Stars: Biju Menon,Deepti Sati and Youth icon Aju Varghese. Lava and Kusha to play as Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese with the Supporting Cast as Biju Menon. There is no basic advantage of Main Actress in the Story Introduced. This is completely a Comedy thriller, the Cinematography was done extremely fabulous Prakash Velayudhan along with Gopi Sunder made his Excellence with his music.

Well, the First half starts with a Little touching approach of youth have no money due to jobless and the back end sounds horrible life. Lava and Kusha in search of their Journey tailed at the First half with a twist happening in their life in between. The Second half sounds like little boring but managed to figure out with in 20 minutes. This sounds like comedy attained to certain limit made little lagging approached by the audience. Well, it’s not a crime thriller movie, in fact, the climax done in a digestible manner, which sounds not thrilling but in a classic style.

Lavakusa Movie review and Rating in Detail:

As the movie Lavakusha not yet introduced their Trailer after the Teaser, this is just because the Director and Writer Aims much anticipated audience review rather than social media reviews. The movie has been released over 150’s of theater in South India and the middle east release has been scheduled to next week after the box office collection updates.

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Final Verdict:

As it sounds like the low budget movie and introduced with sensational youth stars, the initially collection report never beat the latest box office update. However, the Friday reservations found from the theater is a mind freaky after getting done of its first preview. For more updates of Lava Kusha movie, please stay updated with us.