Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery Result 2.11.2017

Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result: Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery Result for the draw date on 2.11.2017 has been announced. The official declaration has been focused at Sree Chitra Audition Center. The First Lucky Karunya Plus draw for this November has been focussing on different prizes and 2 November 2017 has warmly introduced the draw for the series of KN 185 Kerala Bagyakuries. As the Ticket sale for the same has been started from 26th October 2017 evening onwards. The 30 Rupees Karunya Plus KN 185 lottery ticket has not been brought out much-awaited sale in south India. However, the Pooja bumper is on the sale and the sale of November is more focussing on the same.

More in Detail on Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery Result:

The Daily Kerala Bagyakuri has been focussing on helping poor and more in treating medical facilities to the public. The Kerala Lottery is based on selling under the GST process and now the percentage of getting the prize money also got hiked to 2% in every weekly draw after the impact of GST. This however made a huge positivity among the public support for taking a daily draw in win-win tickets, Karunya Lotteries, Akshaya and all.

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The Winning Amount gives by the daily draw by Kerala lotteries are different. Well, the winning percentage of each draw as per stipulation made by the government for the Kerala Bagyakuries has been made the same features and same format.

Prize Money of Karunya Plus KN185 Lottery Ticket:

  • KN 185 1st Prize: 50 Lakhs
  • KN 185 2nd Prize: 1 Lakhs.

If the Person misses the draw for KN 185 in the variation in 12 format update of series of the same will be get intended to the consolation prize of Rs. 10,000.

Apart from all, there were other 5000 to 100/- draw and sounds like for a 30 INR Karunya plus is giving a big impact over the public on every Thursday. If you are one among of Karunya Plus KN 185 Bagyakuries. Please focus on the winning number using the below procedure that has been made helpful for you.

Steps to Check Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery Result – 2 Nov 2017:

  1. Check your KN 185 Karunya Plus Result@: Kerala Lottery Result 2.11.2017
  2. Check out the Notification has been arrived regarding Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery Result.
  3. Check your Winning Draw for Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery ticket, as well as the draw dated and other updates, are genuine with the same.

If you find the winning draw are included in the official notification for Karunya Plus KN185 Kerala Lottery, please drop us a query, if you feel like confused with the draw.