ADNOC FAKE Job SCAM Alerts Spreading – Abu Dhabi Jobs

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ADNOC Fake SCAM Alerts: Recently We’ve got a report regarding Various Part of Kerala, Tamilnadu, as well as Karnataka region, getting SCAM job Alerts. The SCAM Peoples are reporting the Advertisement in a Local newspaper in demand of Jobs at Overseas especially at Government based UAE, Qatar companies. Recently the SCAM Alert of Overseas Jobs happened to Occur at Kerala in Terms of ADNOC Job SCAM for Seeking Engineers with High Paid Salary with Free Visa. The Students basically jobless people will easily fall to their demands.

We just followed the SCAM people recently located at Thrissur district of Kerala on the basis of this fraud activity. Basically, this kind of People don’t have their own office and they will come up by demanding the students that by saying we shall see at my home and talk about the ongoing procedures of the company you were going to join. But once if we reach them for the Job Purpose, they will demand nothing, just our documents, as well as a courier charge, is enough for them.

Day 2 meeting will surprise with their demand for No Visa as well as the Flight ticket should have to taken by us and the amount will be refunded and the words they use will be something like an Educated person.

How to Get Away from this Overseas or FAKE Gulf Job SCAM?

  • Demand them we shall meet either in a Office or at their Home. Don’t hear them demand of Meeting shall be done at Local places like Coffee shop or nearby road, churches or something like that.
  • Pay nothing Initially and Keep saying, I will pay the charge of Courier or paperwork on the very next day of the meeting.
  • Demand offer letter or Call letter of your Job, if they say it will be reached you via email, wait for it and apply the necessary procedures after it.
  • Check whether the Call letter reached you via company email. For Eg: If you were found with ADNOC job alert via Newspaper or via online websites make sure that company email will be for
  • Never trust personal emails like yahoo or gmail that reaches with Call Letter or Offer Letter.
  • Don’t trust them by sending the Air ticket copy, if you want to send them a copy, reach your nearby NORKA centre for more info as well as nearby Travels.
  • None of the government agencies will not recruitment people without offering Call Letter before. Once if you got the offer letter, make sure that it is validated by submitting before the NORKA.

Note: If you got any kind of SCAM from Gulf Company, initially demanding an Offer Letter from the same company mail is an easy idea to get away from this Kind of SCAM.

Final Verdict:

More information will be available once we get more detail available regarding this kind of Overseas SCAM Alert. If you reach this kind of Fraud SCAM in recent days, please drop your comment below regarding their demands and how you followed up the same.