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Rosapoo Movie Review: South Indian Malayalam Film Industry comes up another big Friday in 100’s of the screen with yet another Biju Menon Comedy Entertainer. “Rosapoo” sounds like a Comedy thriller movie, who loves to create their own movie. The Risk, The Commitment and the complete spirit of us to something called sometimes our food are for Cinemas, that much-committing personalities movie is what the Feeling of Rosapoo gives us.

The movie completely tells us the aim of a some Film Hungry newbies to commit to creating their own cinema and getting popular among others. Well, it’s like Natural that everybody in their own mind to commit to something that gave us popularity. In this movie the Biju Menon, Neeraj Madhav wants to get Commit their life to produce a movie and there is nothing in their hand to do so. The appearance and the cinematography are well executed and sound like the slang will really entertain much.

Rosapoo Movie Review in Detail:

Each and Every Cast and Crew were really made their Appearance in a much awesome manner. The notable Characters are;

  • Biju Menon
  • Neeraj Madhav
  • Anjali as Reshmi
  • Sudheer Karamana as Kareem
  • Alencier Ley Lopez as Venugopal Menon
  • Shilpa Manjunath
  • Dileesh Pothan as Kuttan
  • Salim Kumar as V. T. Shankar
  • Soubin Shahir
  • Vijayaraghavan as Velayudhan
  • Nirmal Palazhi as Pavizham Narayanan
  • Basil Joseph as Bhanu

As we said about Shilpa Manjunath, she is making her debut with Malayalam and 3rd movie in his career of Filming. Well, the Sudheer Karamana is one of the energizing role made for this movie along with Biju Menon.

The First half sounds like the movie funs the Audience with a mass entry of our Hero Biju Menon. The Neeraj Madhav with the New look and the Anjali with some special appearance made thrilled the audience. The Struggling life of our Hero committing the hunt of somehow to make him popular by creating a movie. But the mind went with somehow to another twist with debuting the movie a masala and make more money. The issue happening in between and the 2nd half of the part is much more entertaining with Rosapoo than the first half. The Normal Interval scene has been adapted and there is noting a suspense or what can we say nothing to stick the audience like a crime thriller.

As per my opinion, the movie rate up to 3 out of 5 Rating. The more review, I’d collected from various sources are as follows.

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As there were in opposition to Madhavi Kutti’s Aami Malayalam movie, Kaly and Other Language movies like Pad Man, Kalakalappu 2, Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren making with Competitor for this Friday. Well, this Friday Feels like people to make their weekend entertain with all language movie fr 9.2.2018 making a better response from the entire theaters out there in India as well as at Middle east releases.

Final Verdict:

The More reviews along with Abhijith Vlogger youtube review will be updated soon. If you are one from inside for Rosapoo movie, you can share your Rosapoo movie review with us using the comment box attached below.