Kerala Lottery Result Today Win Win W451 – 12.3.2018

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Kerala Lottery Result-[12.3.2018]: The Win Win Bagyakuri of 2nd Season in the Month of March 2018 has unveiled the official Win Win W451 lottery results online. The East fort Center on the basis of Circular followed on Win Win Lottery Ticket W451, the updates in regard to Winning Number has been updated from the same. Most Probably the Winning Numbers of Win Win Bagyakuri have got some relation with the maximum sale made by the region over the same.

It has been found that the Sale from 5th March to 12th March made an Impact over Win Win W451 is at Thrissur district. Do you why? The Recent draw of lucky winner who was updated at the district of Kannur holding 1st Prize- Rs:6,500,000/- and the number won is WC 483424. Well, the Win-Win Lottery of W451 updated in the circular that the sale per ticket for the same W451 series will come around 30 INR including the GST. Well, the prize money of first 3 prizes will impact the GST Value of Win Win Lottery W451.

As the lottery Prize money of Win Win W451 has been mentioned above. BTW, the impact of Sale not only reflected a huge hike in Thrissur region. Even more, the Alappuzha region was found to be long after impact with a big sale over Win Win Lottery ticket on 12th March 2018. The aspirants of W451 series Win Win Bagyakuri should focus thoroughly on lottery ticket of 12.3.2018, in order to get away from Fraud Win Win Lottery tickets. The Barcode Scanning Method, as well as Manual Checking over Series and Sub Series, will help you to figure out the same.

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