Braun Strowman Cash in his Contract at WWE SummerSlam 2018

Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman Courtesy: Facebook

WWE Universal championship will take place at Summerslam 2018. Brock Lesnar either faces vs Bobby Lashley or Roman Reigns at WWE Summerslam at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. On previous Monday Night RAW, there was 2 team match opportunity for 6 man match held to figure out the contenders for the Universal championship with Brock Lesnar.

As the WWE Summerslam is nearly around 30 days to go and as it sounds like a WWE RAW and SmackDown brand event taking place at Brooklyn. Universal champion Brock Lesnar is waiting for the No.1 contender to match with him for WWE Universal championship at Summerslam2018.

WWE Universal championship updates in detail:

On a speech b/w WWE representative and Braun Strowman, he is ready to challenge for the WWE Universal championship. As he got a cash in his contract attained via money in the bank 2018. He is not ready for a triple threat match, because he doesn’t need a match to win the title. Any time, Anywhere, he can place the contract to beat the current universal champion of WWE to become the WWE universal champion.

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Will he cash in the contract and bring the Universal championship title on Monday Night Raw after SummerSlam? Though, he will hold the title for more than 60 days once He cashes in his contract or not till WWE Summerslam 2018.

Will Brock Lesnar holds his WWE Universal belt and walks away from the ringside?

I think alike Brock Lesnar won’t face any sort of dominance faced off like happened at Survivor series 2016. He is getting well prepared and he is on vacation still and the silence at MITB 2018 and Extreme rules 2018, the challenger might be under the great surprise to face at SummerSlam 2018.


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