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My Story review
My Story Malayalam movie courtesy: Quintdaily

My Story Review: After the success of ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ Malayalam movie, “Prithviraj Sukumaran“, and “Parvathy” hands together again. The audience much waited for this romance sequence movie entered the big banner of world cinemas today. The release of movie committed more than 300+ cinemas today. ‘My Story’ reveals the craze of a person who changes the lifestyle in Indian cinemas.

The background really managed to shoot almost part of Portugal for getting a touching experience with the film. ‘My Story’ as it sounds like a holiday in middle east countries. The Malayalees ready to welcome yet another “Prithviraj” movie to their heart for making today a blessed Friday. The tickets were sold out yesterday [5.7.2018] itself and few only left there at the online store at topmost countries of UAE. However, the ticket booking online as well as offline updates are going well at the region of Kerala very successfully.

theaters list
Kerala theater list of My Story release.     Courtesy: Facebook

My Story Review in detail:

While coming into deep, ‘My Story’ doesn’t sound like an action thriller, not a comedy sequence, more than that, it’s a romantic thriller and not a suspense thriller. The theatrical review sounds excellent and also a good approach from the technical side also.

My Story Review Audience Response & Theatrical Update:

On the day 1 to experience a movie during the 1st show before reaching us a review from others is a great feeling right. That’s how I managed to watch this movie in the nearby cinemas. I thrilled to experience yet another Prithvi and Parvathi’s love scene once again. In fact, more than the expectation, the lip-lock scene, and the dialogue, as well as background reflection in the music, was gorgeous. 1st half part of the movie experience a little boring but the story managed it. During the 2nd half, the story moving to yet another tail and feels like never expected this.

Performance: Prithviraj and Parvathi look like not acting, the real-life experience is focussing before each and every audience out there with me sounds a great experience inside the theater. The other supportive cast also well managed as per Roshni Dinaker suggestion w.r.t the movie scenes.

Technical Side: As the crew behind the scenes has been enlisted in the below table. Well, apart from that, there were few who struggled hard for ‘My Story’ to grab a big attention before the audience. The direction, the background, the cinematography were really matching as like the story goes. Its nearly around a 2.30hr movie, which is really sticking and experience the magical love.

My Story Rating:

Check out the rating awarded by the audience for the ‘My Story’.

rating  Complete movie Rating – 4/5


Online Rating: 3.5/5

rating  Story Approach: 4/5

rating  Direction 4/5

rating  Audience Response 4/5

My Story Songs:

The sounds track were found with 7 sequences of the movie reported by the Team of ‘My Story’. The great “Shreya Ghoshal” have also joined the team along with her track. The 7 songs are as follows;

  • “Mizhi Mizhi”
  • “Mayamanjeleri”
  • “Pathungi”
  • “Kadhalkal”
  • “Kozhiyumo”
  • “Aaranu Nee”
  • “Aaranu Nee Remix”

Behind the scenes of My Story:

Director Roshni Dinaker
Producer Dinaker O. V.
Roshni Dinaker
Story Shanker Ramakrishnan
Featured Cast
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Jay
  • Parvathy as Tara
  • Mukul Dev as Sunil
  • Nandhu
  • Sanju Sivram
  • Arun Benny
  • Prajwal Prasad
  • Manoj K. Jayan
  • Maniyanpilla Raju
  • Ganesh Venkatraman as David
  • Sunny Wayne
  • Jayaditya Kang as young Jay
Music Songs:
Shaan Rahman
Background Score:
Raja Narayan Deb
Cinematography Dudley
Vinod Perumal
Editor Priyank Prem Kumar
Roshni Dinaker Productions
Distribution Vaishaka Cynyma

If you missed the trailer, take a look into it before collecting the tickets.

Final verdict:

The box office update as well as the detailed reviews from the Live audience approach on Malayalam movie, ‘My story’ will be catches here soon. stay back for the other movies reviews from Quintdaily.