Akshaya AK357 Kerala Lottery Result 8.8.2018 Live Today

Akshaya AK357 Kerala Lottery Result
Akshaya AK357 Kerala Lottery Result Courtesy: QuintDaily

Akshaya AK357: The official winning of AV 497718 in last week made the big sale to come across for AK357. Especially the regions such as Kasargode impact via AK356 and the last 2 days Win Win lottery and SS lotteries effect over Alappuzha. The worth of Kerala lottery made poor build rich and rich to sustain more. Whatsoever, the great help from Kerala government in concern with this lottery draw is getting good. Perhaps, this Akshaya lottery AK357 bring forwarded the same pattern of winning prizes as there no moderation awarded. Who will be the new winner after counting Akshaya lottery results?

Akshaya AK357 Kerala Lottery Result 8.8.2018 in detail:

The wednesday’s 60 lakhs lottery update from Sree Chitra center really made so cool. Perhaps, the prize money sounds and moderated great, well the consolation got reduced most of them were so much frustrated. 25k INR to 8K sounds a bad idea and it will surely make a drop in purchasing for those who struck the same. However, the hike in entire weekly prize money except the consolation made 10% increase surely will touch the heart of newbies and weekly users.

The 7 days sale of AK357 lottery tickets from 1/08/2018 to 08/08/2018 was really cool. After the monsoon effect, the sky made clear and draws are getting good as well. In order to check the official winning numbers make use of below idea before scrolling on to the results.

How to check Akshaya AK357 Kerala Lottery Result 8.8.2018?

  • Matches your draw date with series AK357 as it confirms for 8th August 2018 draw.
  • Finalize the winning 4 digits and 6 digits results which match if any with the lottery ticket you were holding for 8th August draw.
  • Collect the prize money of AK357 by confirming it with the lottery store or trusted agencies out there before handling and sharing the idea in concern with winning.
  • You are done.

Check your results:


Final verdict:

People of Kerala are much excited about Akshaya AK357 in concern with Kerala lottery scheduled on 8.8.2018. If you got something to share regarding AK357 results updated and queries are invited in the below comment box.