How to Increase followers on Mix and Increase Blog Traffic


Increase followers on Mix: Mix a new social share media instead of stumble upon started making the heart of entrepreneurs. Well, its easy to drive traffic and increase your blog and V-logs traffic by sharing on stumble upon. But the story has changed. 🙁 Many bloggers as well as users to share their content now depending on Mix to get authority for their and site instead StumbleUpon.

Have you got drives with a penny of traffic from Mix?

I think you might not be aware of how to use the same and how to increase your blog traffic via Mix platform.

In order to get the attention of followers, the content should be unique and much touching if possible. Basically, social media gets attention to contents get viral. Well, in order to make it shared out contents, we need to get at least a some of the amount of 100 followers. I will show you step by steps to follow that in order to get trusted and genuine followers at a time will boost your traffic.

Steps to Increase followers on Mix and Increase Blog Traffic:

In order to increase blog traffic as well as followers at a time, make sure that your profile must be visible towards the public. Once if you set with the genuine Mix account, the navigation page of the same will show up with 3 tabs;

  • For you
  • Explore
  • Profile

* For you: It will give you the trending and latest news feeds.

* Explore: It will give you the latest updates of you followed.

* Profile: Just a basic profile on how you managed the account.

mix followers

In the above 3 trending articles or says, the recent update on the mix, one with a single support, another with 41 support and the third one with more than 1000+ supports. Well, if you need to get the attention of 1000+ followers, make sure that the content you approach on your blog should be related but not the same. Through this, you might be thinking why I said earlier how follower build authority, right?

For example:

If you approach the same related article like if you reach something about nutrition secrets or something. You can update something related stuff such as, diet plan or even foods for a diet plan which can be linked to that.


Apart from Stumble upon, the mix got a feature like to share your view in form of the comment on the article. If you make a question like a comment, in concern with the content you read on were following. Through the same, if you shoot your query like a comment, there is a chance for the author to make a glance at your profile. Well, if you make a content that approaches readers attention, high authority sites will automatically link you and at a time, you will get followed and link your article on high authority will make readers attention on google and search engines as well. 41 followers on mix

In the above figure, as said earlier, while we open the 41 supporters in the middle of the article. You can see the followers of that author got supported. Such that, you can able to see the newbies as well as permanent users of the mix. Each day, as you wish you can follow a maximum of 20 and feel free to cover maximum followers as shown in the figure. Note that, one thing should keep in mind that, those whom you going to follow should have low followers less than 1000 and should be a good supporter on the mix by focussing his or her supporters in the profile. You are done. 🙂 More ideas in concern by Increase followers on Mix updates will soon cathc up here.