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Iblis Movie Review: August 3, the Iblis in theaters. I just grabbed an online ticket and entered for my favorite Malayalam star ‘Asif Ali’ movie earlier today. After a gap from B Tech of Mridul Nair movie, joined with ‘Rohith V S’ as ‘Vaishakan’ in Iblis. Well, the Madonna Sebastian made a big gap in Iblis starring one of the lead roles. Her absence in Malayalam film industry from 2016 onwards. In between appeared over more than 5-6 cinemas in Tamil and Telugu. Is this a come back of Madonna Sebastian and Asif Ali? The Audience is waiting for the next big hit in Malayalam cinemas.

Iblis Movie Review Asif Ali Movie – Audience Review Rating in detail:

The story of a Vaishakan who is in love with Fida and sounds an adventurous comedy. I think you might have confused right? How a movie comes up with an adventurous comedy for a romance. That’s the story behind Malayalam movie Iblis. As the movie Iblis released over more than 200’s of theaters today in India as well as in middle east countries. Well, the show times vary accordingly. In our life, there will be an important person who really touched us. He/she will do whatever to support us. Vaishakan has also got one. Do you know who is it?

Theatrical Review:

Movie intro like what people never expected. ? Vaishakan’s looks audience will really love it. The story begins with and talks about death. However, Vaishakan never bothers his father and in return the same. In fact, his friend is the real soul. He used to support Vaishakan in all good and bad, especially while he is with and without.

‘Moonghan’ an interesting character who need to hear death. The movie background plotted in a village and the Moongan roams all around to check whether any death happening or not. Lal as Sreedharan the grandfather of our Hero. Seems like a magician but? exactly a traveler who hate something. In Malayalam, it can be called like a ‘Sarkeet’

Vaishakan never cries even his friend Mustafa dies. He is something special characterized by the writer of Iblis The first half sounds interesting and I felt like never bored because the romance of Vaishakan with Fida starts from the childhood onwards.? But it’s not a romance of Love. Its more something like an attraction to a friend or says he might be thinking she will be more than a friend. Because the audience will doubts whether they were couple or friends. Something like he does whatsoever to her. That’s the thing.?

The movie on goes with an interesting character ‘Jinn’ what we hear in our grandma’s stories. Asif character is something like a person fear about everything. Then what happens if he hears about Jinn. I’m not sharing you the complete story. His grandfather is something and more than anything. Once in a period, Vaishakan forced to manage loneliness in his life and that becomes stable with a twist. The second half felt like more interesting but not bad, there are some lagging scenes in between. Climax felt like a suspense. We always used to ask either our parents or to our elder ones: “Where the people live after death”. You will get an answer after watching this.

Movie Rating:

Iblis Movie RatingOverall Rating

Iblis Movie Rating


Iblis Movie Rating

Direction Iblis Movie Rating

Cast & Crew Behind the Scenes of Iblis:

The story is sprinkled with suspense elements which maintain the curiosity at its peak and have been visualized to the utmost beauty with an enchanting musical experience. In fact, as there were for the success of a movie, there should a lead role as well as some backbones right. The notable persons who made the movie to a big hit are as follows here below.

In lead roles:

  • Asif Ali as Vaishakan
  • Madonna Sebastian as Fida
  • Siddique as Jabbar
  • Sreenath Bhasi as Subair
  • Lal as Shreedharan
  • Adhish Praveen as Musthafa
  • Baiju
  • Saiju Kurup as Sukumaran
  • Aju Varghese as Rajavu

Those behind the scenes:

Director Rohith V. S.
  • Sreelekshmi R.
  • Bhupen Tacho & Jeetu Gogoi
Screenplay Sameer Abdul
Story Rohith V. S.
Lyrics Manu Manjith
Music Dawn Vincent
Cinematography Akhil George
Editor Shameer Muhammed
Ichais Productions
Distribution Adam’s World of Imagination

Final verdict:

The theatrical review including the path of the story will be reflected above. If the movie rates more than 4 rating, the box office collection report will be updated soon or later. Share your experience with Iblis in the below comment box.