AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power Sharjah Fake or Not?


AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power Fraud Update: Quintdaily team has got so many complaints regarding the AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power situated at King Faisal Street, Al Qasimia, Sharjah. We have investigated by risking our own money in concern with how the AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power Sharjah company deals with their clients. As there were many recruitment agencies working in UAE for helping the job seekers. Well, there were also fraud agencies as well. How can we identify whether the company is fake or not? I mean the good and fake manpower company recruiting agency in UAE.

How we came to know that AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power Sharjah faked us. We don’t tell 100% telling all of them will head into their fraud activity. In fact, how they cheated us is explaining below.

You all know how important is Dubizzle and how they help employers as well as employees. As a part of our investigation, we went through the premium ads enlisted by this AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power and its an update regarding they need of Mechanical engineers walk-in drive.

mech walkin sharjah

They place their ads for the 2-week duration and when I come across this ads, there were already registered many applicants. On 25th August 2018, I approached them and in the ads, they had placed their contact details, because its a Walk in drive interview as they said. You can see that they enlisted their ads in Dubizzle in around one month and still they Unread my application and the status sounds ads posting has been closed.

When I approached them via their contact no: +971-65452050 which is situated on King Faisal Street, Behind Suzuki showroom at Al Qasimia, Sharjah. I went there in a fully executed look for the part of the interview and sounds I have 2-year experience in the same field. They demanded me around 4200AED salary and came to know from the same meeting that they were arranging the client interview in 5 days from the registered date.

They demanded my visa copy, passport details as well as passport size photograph. I’d submitted and they demanded 210 AED. They told me that the amount will be refunded if I didn’t receive any interview calls. I said, I’d only 200AED, they said, its Ok, left 10 AED after the client interview. I said Ok.! and paid as said. They gave me the receipt as shown below.

application fee

Well, I waited for the interview entire week and the next working day I approached through a phone call and they said, my CV has been submitted to the leading company at Dubai. They asked me to wait for 3 days till the company is checking my CV and I said OK. Well, there were no calls and emails after the same and one week later when I called them, they said the company rejected your CV and they approached another company that meets my profile.

They told me that you got an interview on the coming Saturday when I called them on Monday. when I called them and asked which company should I go and attend the interview. They demanded that the interview has been postponed to upcoming Wednesday and you have to wait. I said, you only told me that if my application never meets or I can’t approach a single interview the full amount will be refunded. So, they transferred the call to their Accountant and that guy agreed, if the application hold for 7 days and on the 8th day, my fee of 200AED will get refunded. I said, as your wish, I agree your words.

On 24th September after 30 days, I went to the this AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power and they said, you got an interview today after 2 PM at Al Ain. So, I said, I will come back afternoon and said OK by a lady at the reception. When I went there, there was interview for this month is going on and some of the cheated guys were shouting in front of the interview clients.

When I approached regarding the interview scheduled today, the lady at the reception asked me to wait and come again to me and said. Your application still under process. I said, your accountant only said he will refund my money as per my request when I demanded 7 days before.

In order to get relief their headache in-front of other new applicants, they take away my receipt as shown above and fill out the application and ask to meet the accountant at AL AWAIEL Employment & Man Power company. He asked me whether you want to wait for the next call from us or need a refund. I said, please refund. He told some other lady at the next room to give me 100 AED as the cancellation.

I asked where’s my other 100 balance. He said, that the application fee. I said, this is so cruel and this is how you treat your client huh..!! He said, me to either you get that money or go away. That guy is so tricky to all those applicants demanded on the same day for returning the refunded fees. This should not be a real process of recruiting.

In my opinion, they were real frauds, before I’m heading to their Room on the same day, many of the applicants registered. They were making money by charging 210 and refunding 100 AED. what a trick they were planning and executing. This should not be encouraged by the government of UAE and should take action on this concern. Many of the Google reviews regarding the same company is the same and most of the 100 out 100 are cheated by their action. Still i’m confused, how this kind of recruiting agency survive in UAE. 🙁

This is room no and the name of the company in detail:

company details

How not to get head into the fraud consultancy recruiting agency in UAE
  • Don’t give any registration fee before getting any client interview.
  • If they recruiting agency demand for the one month salary and after stamping your visa is OK.
  • If recruiting agency demands any 10 AED, not give and get cheated.
  • Review first on Google by the clients and how they approached the same.