Big Boss Malayalam Finale Live Season 1 Winner 30.9.2018


Big Boss Malayalam Finale Live Season 1 Winner 30.9.2018: The grand finale of the Season 1 Big Boss streaming Live on Asianet at 7.00PM. The much-awaited winner who wears the crown of Big Boss season 1 Malayalam will finalize after the Live streaming event on 30.9.2018. Out of 5 final contestants, the grand finale has been organizing in the presence of other evicted contestants of season 1 big boss. The complete actor Mohanlal joining the event of Big Boss Final and the Judgement day of Big Boss season 1 in his hand. The predictions via social media to their favorite contestants of season 1 sounds interesting and there were so many reasons the audience figuring out sounds amazing approach for the show.

Big Boss Malayalam Finale Live updates:

There were special guests appearing the Big boss and especially, the specials guest in the eyes of Big Boss is nothing but the audience. Big Boss eyes are opened to announce the winner officially in the Live streaming event happening at Big Boss official center as scheduled. During the 1st day of Big Boss, there were a huge number of the audience joined the show to support and welcome the Big Biss contestants. Well, the expectation isn’t gone down, because of the last nominations found to be awesome than the other nominations experience by the event conductors.

1st Evicted: Suresh

2nd Eviction: Srenish

3rd Eviction: Shiyas Kareem

Who is the winner then?

Sabumon – the one and only Sabu.

4th Eviction: Pearley Maaney.

The experience of contestants who gone through the nomination process updated via social media and during the last day before the finale sounds heart touching. As a family, like a single mind, each and every contestant lived in the big boss family. Finally, Shiyas Kareem, Sabu mon, Suresh, Pearley Maaney and the Sreenish has been found the top 5 included in the Big Boss Finale season 1. This is only because of support from the real audience and the way the audience judged the real man or women to compromise the big boss family.

The day has come, the Finale 🙂 the eyes of contestants, the audience are pretty much thrilled and the feeling on each one will come to an end on 30th September 2018. The voting panel has been closed. .i.e the big boss Malayalam vote process has been closed and the last voting processed till 29th September 2018 till midnight at 12 AM. Who are you going to predict the season 1 Big Boss winner?

BIG BOSS Season 1 Winner Prediction: