Karunya Plus KN231 Kerala Lottery Result 20.9.2018


Karunya Plus KN231: The Onam bumper felt the sale of Thrissur region this weekend will make amazing. As the fact that we said in our previous event of Kerala Bagyakuri regarding the lucky region of 2018 sounds and awarded for the district of Thrissur. However, the number PG 679135 which was awarded for the Karunya plus of their recent event possibly made a big sale this weekend. Perhaps, the KN231 tickets made maximum impact at the region of Thrissur during the 3rd-week sale of September 2018. Is Whom going to win this lucky Karunya plus lottery draw for the 231st chronological event?

Karunya Plus KN231 Kerala Lottery Result 20.9.2018 in detail:

Karunya plus lottery ticket results for the KN231st series has been unveiled as per demands followed by the ticket of Thursday’s draw. For this series, its a glance that auto drivers updated as the best number of aspirants followed this ticket of KN231. SOunds funny? 😀 Onam bumper 2018 results have been followed the winning number awarded 10 crores from Thrissur region for an auto driver made the motivation to all those who have taken the same.

The outstanding ticket sale has been followed for most of the KN231 tickets and made a big sale, as well as the, sold out tickets followed fast update. You can follow the same procedure what the recent Kerala lottery followed the previous update.

How to check your Karunya Plus KN231 Lottery Result 20.9.2018?

  • Go through the ticket draw on 20th September 2018.
  • Clarify the ticket series KN231 with the draw date as pointed above.
  • Confirm the downloaded results as explained below.
  • You can check the 4 and 6 digit winning numbers of KN231 with the results updated by the board of Kerala lotteries.
  • Collect the necessary prize money of Karunya KN231 with the stipulations followed.
  • You are done.

Check your winning results:


Final verdict:

Feel free to check your Karunya Plus KN231 series updated Kerala lottery result draw on 20.9.2018 here. Share your valuable queries even after the checking the winning numbers in the below comment box.