The Nun Movie Review Rating – Live Audience Response


The Nun Review: This is something we need to know what happened before Conjuring and the Annabelle. 🙂 Some mystery thing has happened. ‘VALAK‘ the mysterious character that touched the heart of entire audience in 2017s through Conjuring. Even I’m too scared around nights while after turning off the light in my room after come across with ‘VALAK’. 😀 😀 Through ‘The Nun’ you will come across how this dark chapter was born.

The director Corin Hardy and the writer Gary Dauberman bring forwarding our mind to the scariest moment of darkness in each and every minute. As it is really experienced inside the same while watching ‘The Nun‘. The movie has made a worldwide release and people all over the world grabbed the ticket for ‘The Nun’ movie yesterday onwards sounds like everyone was excited to experience the dark chapter.

Cast and Crew: The Nun Horror Movie

While watching inside the theaters, bringing to the feeling of darkness and the scary mood, we might not be thinking this much notable cast played for the movie right. As it sounds a short charactered movie, but the cast made their excellence to feel us to the magical moment of darkness. The main notable cast played for the’The Nun’ has been enlisted below.

  • Taissa Farmiga
  • Demian Bichir
  • Jonas Bloquet
  • Bonnie Aarons as Valak
  • Charlotte Hope
  • Ingrid Bisu as Sister Orana
  • Michael Smiley as Bishop Pasquale
  • Jonny Coyne as ‘Gregoro’
  • Jared Morgan as Marquis
  • August Maturo
  • Claudio Charles Schneider as Demon
  • Mark Steger
  • Sandra Teles as Sister Ruth
  • Manuela Ciucur
  • Ani Sava

Behind the Scenes of ‘The Nun’:

Corin Hardy


  • Peter Safran
  • James Wan

Gary Dauberman

James Wan
Gary Dauberman

Abel Korzeniowski

Maxime Alexandre

Michel Aller
Ken Blackwell

Production company:
New Line Cinema
Atomic Monster Productions
The Safran Company

Warner Bros. Pictures

The Nun Review in Detail:

Have you experienced, Conjuring or the Annabelle? Have you wondered how the mysterious characters have risen? The Nun will teach a lesson of the same, how the darkness was born. The characters in this film were amazing, basically, the notable thing is the editing work, the sounds of darkness that fear almost at its best. In conjuring, we experience the sound as the main factor of fear, rather in ‘The Nun’, apart from the sound or even says the music of darkness, the fear factor is the vision.

We may not even think when and where the fear will come, the 96 minutes of our life while watching ‘The Nun’ from the bottom of the heart I can say, its the fear ever I experienced in my life. The direction has brought the darkness at its most w.r.t the script as it is and the vision of darkness cannot override with anything or can’t be judged. It truly amazing.

QuintDaily Rating for The Nun Movie: 4.5 / 5*

Final verdict:

As I can say, it will be an amazing experience of 96 minutes inside the theaters while watching this kind of mysterious movie. As it is delivering ‘The Nun Review’ an outstanding approach and it will be a screenshot of the upcoming Oscars in my concern and it will hit the box office collection report from the day 1 itself.